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Tag: representation

Ms. Marvel : A Journey

It is a well known fact that the Muslim representation in Western media is - for lack of better word - quite horrible. As...

‘The Orville’ Discussion – What We Think of Seth MacFarlane’s Ever-Evolving, Epic Show!

The full season of The Orville New Horizons is now streaming on Hulu and Disney+. It’s returning after three years and was picked up...

‘The Orville’ Star Peter Macon on Bortus, Family and the Future of the Series!

Nerd Initiative Senior Correspondent Donavan Rose sat down with Peter Macon, who portrays Lieutenant Commander Bortus on The Orville New Horizons. Read: Donavan Rose...

Donavan Rose on his Marvel Journey, his Incredible Funko Collection, Dream Job and His Future!

Donavan Rose found his love of Marvel when the movie he wanted to see was sold out so he went to watch Captain America:...

A Beginner’s Guide To Comic Books | Superman

Another Guide To Help New Readers Are you new to the amazing world of comic books?  If so, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed...

Rianna ‘Marvel Twin’ Paez on her Marvel Fandom Journey, Collecting and More

Being a part of the Marvel fandom has brought me so much joy and creativity!

Captioned Life’s Sean Winningham on Conventions, Cosplay and Getting into Comics

My name is Sean Wingham and I grew up loving superheroes and comics. I always tell people on my podcast, The Captioned Life, that...

Gerry Conway on His Comics Journey, Killing Off Gwen Stacy and Creating the Punisher

We sat down with Gerry Conway at Terrificon to talk about his personal journey and much more!

A Guide for the Perplexed MCU Fan – Superhero Movies are Evolving Into Something New

My dear fellow MCU and superhero fan, I have come to understand that phase four has left some of you a little uncomfortable.  Even with SDCC...

Why the Conversation Created by ‘Ms. Marvel’ is SO Important

Every community needs it hero. Every child needs to see themselves represented on TV under a positive light. Muslims and South Asians didn’t have...

How a South Asian, Muslim, Female Creator Initiative was Inspired by Kamala Khan

Every superhero origin story has that moment - where the hero we have been following has their moment to come into their own and...

Anime for Beginners: Blake’s Take on ‘Sirius the Jaeger’

Sirius the Jaeger is an anime show set in the 1930's, centered around vampire-hunting Jaegers.

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