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Anime for Beginners: Blake’s Take on ‘Sirius the Jaeger’

Sirius the Jaeger is an anime show set in the 1930's, centered around vampire-hunting Jaegers.

Major Giveaway Starts TODAY – Find Out How to Enter

Amira from The_AmiraReview and NerdInitiative curated an AMAZING giveaway starting today, July 19th through July 26th - including Funkos, Marvel games, posters, toys and...

‘I Never Thought This Would Happen’ – A ‘Ms. Marvel’ Conversation

Ms. Marvel closed out season 1 with an episode that was emotional for all fans, but especially those in the Muslim and South Asian communities.

Creator Spotlight: ‘The Voice of Wisdom’ as told by Mickey (aka cellphone_wallet_keys)

*Record Scratch* Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how in the world I got myself into this situation. Well, it's a long story. A...

Anime Fans are Heartbroken by the Real Reason Shoji Wears a Mask

Many Anime fans have wondered what the mask represents for Shoji. And watch the video below for the full, heartbreaking explanation!

‘Ms. Marvel’: Podcast Examines What Worked and Importance of Representation

With the finale of Ms. Marvel streaming now on Disney+, The Daily Kazoo interviewed two amazing content creators - Amira from The_AmiraReview, and Maria...

Thor: Love and Thunder – A Discussion on Gods, Family, Sacrifice

Some of the brightest and best at Nerd Initiative got together to talk about the latest MCU epic that just hit theaters, Thor: Love and...

Pooja aka Samosas & Popcorn’s Fandom Journey through Harry Potter, Star Wars and Anime

Hello, it’s Pooja Aka Samosas & Popcorn, and I like to start the discussion on movies and TV so you don’t have to!

Did ‘Ms. Marvel’ Misstep by including the Djinn in Episodes 3 and 4?

Until week 3 of Ms. Marvel, fans of the comic book character had been raving about the inclusion and uniqueness the show, especially as...

What Nerd Initiative Is All About – A Safe Space for Creators of All Kinds

When we started Nerd Initiative less than two months ago, we never dreamed that things would happen so fast and explode the way they...

Comic Legend Steve Borock on his Collecting Journey, Early Days of Grading and more

Steve Borock essentially set some of the grading standards we know today in comics. As a lifelong fan of the hobby, Steve had a background...

Amira’s Personal Journey as a Creator, MCU Fan and Representation Activist

Tiktok provided me with the possibility to add my voice as a Muslim woman in a community that I thought was closed to me. It also gave me the possibility to push forward positive Muslim representation.

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