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Rianna ‘Marvel Twin’ Paez on her Marvel Fandom Journey, Collecting and More


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Being a part of the Marvel fandom has brought me so much joy and creativity!

It has allowed me to place myself on a platform to share and talk about the shows, films and collectibles I love.

It’s allowed me to express myself and come out of my shell of shyness.

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The community I have connected with has been such a blessing. I have met so many creators who have inspired me and continuously encourages me which I will be forever grateful for.

To hear more about my journey and falling in love with Marvel, check out my interview below!

Rianna Paez
Rianna Paezhttps://linktr.ee/riripaez
Hi friends, my name is Rianna Paez, better known as Marvel.Twin on Tik Tok. As my Tik Tok name states I am in fact a twin and I am in love with Marvel. I am a Marvel merch content creator and I love to share my merch and collectible finds with everyone. I love roaming Avengers Campus in Disney’s California Adventure while sipping on a nice cold Iced Coffee. In addition to creating content, I currently work in the medical field and have been for about 13 years now. I am a proud wife but the #1 role I most proudly claim is being a mother to my incredible daughter. My dream one day is to be employed by Marvel. It’s a big dream, but it’s one I won’t ever stop working towards.

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