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How Comics Can Help Kids Become Better Readers

Getting a child to read is a challenging task. Some may find it hard to believe that I was a terrible reader growing up,...

Brooke Elliott Talks Sweet Magnolias Season 3

Our very own Donavan Rose, had the chance to sit down with Brooke Elliott, before the release of Netflix's third season to talk about...

Interview w/ Evan Carothers (Toxx)

When Evan first sent over the review copy of Toxx #1, I was floored. It's been a long time since I read a post-apocalyptic story that felt fresh...

Talk w/ Allen Dunford (Grandma Chainsaw)

Allen Dunford is one half of the writing team at Top Hat Studios, along with his co-writer Will Radford. Along with their art team consisting of Brian...

The Creative Duo Behind I AM Iron Man Talk Comics!

Two rising stars in the comic book industry sat down to talk to Paperweight Entertainment about their new series, I AM Iron Man and...

Creator Spotlight – KodyCollects on His Comic Journey and His Amazing Support System

Meet KodyCollects, one of the most humble, yet knowledgable comic collectors and fans around.

A Dream Come True: Artist Creees Lee on His Journey to Marvel

Growing up, artist Creees Lee wanted to be a musician. He never dreamed he'd one day be an artist at Marvel Comics.

Amira’s Personal Journey as a Creator, MCU Fan and Representation Activist

Tiktok provided me with the possibility to add my voice as a Muslim woman in a community that I thought was closed to me. It also gave me the possibility to push forward positive Muslim representation.

Comic Legend Steve Borock on his Collecting Journey, Early Days of Grading and more

Steve Borock essentially set some of the grading standards we know today in comics. As a lifelong fan of the hobby, Steve had a background...

What Nerd Initiative Is All About – A Safe Space for Creators of All Kinds

When we started Nerd Initiative less than two months ago, we never dreamed that things would happen so fast and explode the way they...

Birth of a Nerd – Hello World I’m Samantha

In a world where individuals are unworthy, crime runs rampant in the -- No. Wait. Wrong storyline. Ha, had you for a second...

Pooja aka Samosas & Popcorn’s Fandom Journey through Harry Potter, Star Wars and Anime

Hello, it’s Pooja Aka Samosas & Popcorn, and I like to start the discussion on movies and TV so you don’t have to!