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Talk w/ Allen Dunford (Grandma Chainsaw)


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The Man Behind Pocus Hocus & Grandma Chainsaw

Image Provided By:
Top Hat Studios & Source Point Press
via Their Kickstarter Page

Allen was the first indie comic book writer I ever interviewed for Nerd Initiative. He was down to earth and passionate about his horror comics. It went so well, that he and I have stayed in touch about his upcoming projects. We even had the second interview scheduled less than 24hrs after the first!

Allen Dunford is one half of the writing team at Top Hat Studios, along with his co-writer Will Radford. Along with their art team consisting of Brian Balondo, Jasen Smith and Dave Lentz, they have been putting out some really fun to read horror comics over the last couple of years.

Their first hit series ‘Pocus Hocus’ is set for more issues in the future, with issue 5 being released very recently. My latest interview with Allen was about something new from the team currently on Kickstarter. Allow me to introduce you all…to Hazel, aka. ‘Grandma Chainsaw’

The Full Interview

Interview From The Comic Press Podcast Via The Nerd Initiative Network ©NerdInitiative

Support ‘Grandma Chainsaw’ On Kickstarter!

Support ‘Grandma Chainsaw’ On Kickstarter HERE

Get digital or physical copies of ‘Grandma Chainsaw’, along with tons of other bundle and single issues. The team over at Top Hat Studios really tries to give you some bang for your buck!

If you’re still on the fence about this new indie series, take a look at my full review video down below!


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♬ Scary music horror mystery(1040775) – parts di manta
My Full Review Of ‘Grandma Chainsaw’ From TikTok
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Don’t Want To Take My Word On How Great This Comic Is? Check Out Someone Else’s Review HERE

Jeremy Bowersock
Jeremy Bowersockhttps://linktr.ee/jjscomicstuff
Hi there, my name is Jeremy and I'm 32 years old from Ohio, and I LOVE comic books! I'm a content creator on TikTok. I also host two podcasts (Crossover Comics Podcast and The Comic Press Podcast). I'm so excited to have the opportunity to shar this amazing world of fandoms with the rest of the world. I want everyone to be able to enjoy and embrace their most nerdy self!

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