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Black Panther has been out for two weeks now, marking an end to Phase 4 of the MCU (unless you're counting Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special). To celebrate, I wrote an article last week about...
The story of A Christmas Carol is widely known by many, and there is an abundance of adaptations of this classic tale. A dark and foreboding message echoes each time we see a version of Ebenezer...

Everything You Need to Know About Robbie Reyes – Ghost Rider

Let’s get into a segment we like to call Character 101 with Thorstorian. Read: Who’s That Comic Character? One of the most knowledgable and passionate comic fans...

Kevin Conroy, The Voice Of Batman, Has Passed Away

Kevin Conroy, known as the iconic voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman: The Animated Series, has passed away. He was 66. The shocking news came...

‘Wakanda Forever’ Review – Prepare for Tears

The emotions begin almost as soon as the Marvel credits roll and don't stop until the very end of Wakanda Forever.

Are Vs. Battles Harming ComicTok or Comic Book Social?

A "VS Battle" is a form of content from the comic book community on TikTok. Most often these videos happen as live streams, where one creator will pit characters against each other and debate on the outcome.

Bumpkins’ Take on ‘Titans’ Season 4 on HBO Max

Titans season 4 premiered this week on HBO Max and did so pretty quietly.

Meet the Founders of Crafti Comics – A New Way to Slab Your Favorite Books!

Dan Moyer and Jennifer Jacobellis are doing what they love. The Crafti Comics co-founders sat down with Nerd Initiative to discuss how they started the...

Image Comics ‘Plush’ is a New Series About What?!?!

Wait what?!?! Plush from Image Comics is a new series about cannibalistic furries?? Diesel Dan details the new series below and why it might be...

Who’s That Comic Character?

Have YOU ever wondered where some of these comic book characters come from? Some characters are more difficult to find information on than others.

JJ’s Top 3 New Comic Book Runs Beginning In November

The only problem is he's been kidnapped, and has…something…growing inside of him. Parental Advisory for this book because in the words of the writer, "It's gunna get gross"

MrMARVELite’s Let’s Talk MARVEL – Why Iron Man Wasn’t at His Own Funeral

MrMARVELite is known throughout the Multiverse as someone wise and all-knowing! In this series, Tony will dig deep into his knowledge about the MCU and...

Who Was Marvel’s First Latino Superhero?

Let’s get into a segment we like to call Character 101 with Thorstorian. One of the most knowledgable and passionate comic fans is here to help...

TOP 10 Comic Book Video Games

With the release of WB Games’ Gotham Knights right around the corner of being released here is a Top 10 list of the best...

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