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The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy Series Review!

With a wonderful blend of humor, poignant moments, and a voice cast full of incredible artists this series hooked me instantly. Whether you like either animated or medical shows, this is one you won't want to miss.

‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Review – A Worthy Reimagining

Once the series finds its footing tonally, the series soars as high as a sky bison with stunning visuals, action and well rounded character arcs.

What to Expect for Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

After seeing just the first episode of this Netflix adaptation of a childhood favourite in a theatre filled with other Avatar: The Last Airbender fans where we cheered, teared up and howled for joy, I can confidently say that at least episode one will not disappoint the majority of fans.

‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live’ Review – A Story Of Love Or Death

The first three episodes of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is a triumphantly violent return to form. Packed to the brim with emotions, twists and zombie killing gore.

‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Review – A Mini Magical Adventure

I was never able to read the Percy Jackson book series as it came out. Truth be told, what sold me on watching this series was the Greek mythology and that Adam “Edge” Copeland would be playing the part of Ares.

‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ Review: Is This Love?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is an elevated perspective of modern marriage disguised as a fun, adventure of the week spy romp.

‘Masters of the Air’ Review: A Journey of Brotherhood & Trauma

Masters of the Air delivers an impressive cinematic series with rich characters, high stakes and stunning spectacle but stumbles on itself juggling too much at once, hitting some turbulence rather than bringing it home gently and precisely.

Emmy’s 2024: A Celebration of TV History

Last night, the 75th Emmy Awards aired with host, Anthony Anderson. It was quickly explained by Anderson that the award show will be covering...

An Introduction to New Doctor Who

A little over a year ago I began my journey into Doctor Who. In case you are getting into the show or at the...

A New Beginning – Marvel’s ‘Echo’ Ep. 5 “Maya” Recap

The finale of Echo is here giving us a set up for Daredevil: Born Again, Wilson Fisk's political aspirations, plus a beautiful and powerful redemption arc for Maya Lopez.

A Blood Soaked Past – Marvel’s ‘Echo’ Ep. 4 Recap “Taloa”

Two childhoods soaked in blood. Maya continues to forger her own path while Wilson Fisk offers an interesting proposition.

Return of the King – Marvel’s ‘Echo’ Ep. 3 “Tuklo” Recap

Episode 3 turns the action and violence up to eleven and seals the deal with the return of one of the best villains the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer.