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House of The Dragon Season 2 Episode 4 Review: The Red Dragon And The Gold


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Three words start off this episode: It. Is. War. In the beginning of the episode, Daemon (Matt Smith) is looking at the iron throne, a young Rhaneyra (Milly Alcock) is walking towards Daemon. Daemon eventually cuts off her head and at the end he hears, “There is A Raven”. 

Photo via HBO

Daemon awakes with the feeling the need to prepare an army. Dameon talks to a very young Oscar Tully (Archie Barnes) to figure out how he can attain an army quickly. Oscar tells Daemon that there is not a lot of soldiers they can get and Ser Simon agrees.

With Team Green, King Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney) is upset that the small council is not listening to him. He is also furious about the fact that Ser Criston Cole (Fabian Frankel) and Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) have been strategizing together behind his back. Aemond said he has experience with coming up with ideas for the war and he expresses that he wants to take Harrenhal back. Aegon also yells at his Master’s of Whispers, Larys Strong, because Larys is from Harrenhal. Larys says nonchalantly, “That castle is more crippled than I am”.

Photo via HBO

Aemond speaks to his brother in Valyrian so that none of the council can understand them. When King Aegon answers back, he is clearly not fluent in Valyrian. King Aegon seeks comfort from his mother and expresses that his council isn’t listening to him. She responds, “Do you think wearing the crown suddenly imbues you with wisdom?” Aemon gets really upset, and asks her what he should do. Alicent (Olivia Cooke) answers, to do nothing at all.

Now, with Team Black Rhaneyra (Emma D’Arcy) is back at Dragonstone. She has returned to make some decisions to her small council. Her son, Jacareys (Harry Collett) is upset with her about where she has been. Rhaneyra answered that she has met with Alicent, to try to prevent war. She wants to take her dragon and go to Rook’s Rest. Many of the council said no, and that the Princess Rhaneys (Eve Best) should go in Rhaneyra’s place.

Rhaneyra takes Jacareys aside and said she has to tell him something, a story that was passed down from her father, King Viserys. The story about the “Song of Ice and Fire”. 

Photo via HBO

At Rook’s Rest, King Aegon has taken his dragon to the sky. Aemond is right behind him with his dragon. King Aegon’s dragon eventually is flamed by Aemond’s dragon and it  flies down to the ground. When Criston Cole sees this, his horse was rattled and he falls to the ground leaving it unconscious.

Rhaneys flies in on her dragon and attacks Aemond. She thinks that she has won, but all of the sudden Aemond’s dragon ends up killing hers leaving both her and her dragon to fall to their deaths. Aemond emerges the victor of this battle. 

This episode was shot beautifully with a lot of the scenery was rich in color. I also loved the acting, especially from Aemond, Aegon, Daemon and Alicent. All of the actors really seem to know their characters. I also will applaud the writing team, who has delivered interesting and compelling dialogue.

I rate this episode a 10/10.

Janelle Holland
Janelle Holland
My name is Janelle, and I love comics, T.V. shows, movies. I enjoy everything from Marvel to DC. You can usually find me with a comic book in my hand and some coffee.

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