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Creative Team - Danny Lore(writer). Vincenzo Carratu(artist). David Curiel(colorist). VC's Joe Sabino(letterer). Rod Reis(cover artist). Mateus Manhanini (variant cover artist). Published by Marvel Entertainment Check out my other reviews on the Blood Hunt event! Hope you...
Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points! For this entry, Stout Club has recently returned to Comixology originals in a big way. After giving fans such hits as Red Tag and Hailstone, the imprint just...

‘Presumed Innocent’ Review – Your Next TV Obsession

Check out our review of 'Presumed Innocent' the latest crime thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal premiering on Apple TV+ on June 12th.

Tales Of The Empire: The Untold Stories Of The Darkside

Check out our review of 'Tales Of The Empire' the new Star Wars animated streaming now on Disney+.

‘Dark Matter’ Review – A Multiverse Spanning Identity Heist

Check out our review of 'Dark Matter' the new series starring Joel Edgerton coming to Apple TV+ on May 8th.

‘Shardlake’ Review – A Captivating Mystery From A Bygone Era

Check out our review of 'Shardlake' the new series starring Anthony Boyle premiering on Hulu May 1st.

‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Review – Are You Alive Or Just Breathing?

Dead Boy Detectives', the latest addition to The Sandman Universe, coming to Netlfix on April 25th.

Under The Bridge: A Real Look Into Struggling In Adolescence

Check out our review of 'Under The Bridge' the latest Hulu original series starring Lily Gladstone, premiering on April 17th.

Wandering Through the ‘Fallout’ (Series Review)

Check out our review of 'Fallout' the new series adaptation of the beloved video games coming to Prime Video on April 10th.

‘Parish’ Review – A Tale Of Loss, Failure And Desperation

Check out our review of 'Parish' the new series starring Giancarlo Esposito coming to AMC and AMC+ on March 31st.

‘3 Body Problem’ Review – A Mind-Bending Invasion

Check out our review of '3 Body Problem' the new Netflix Series from Benioff And Weiss premiering on March 21st.

‘Manhunt’ Review – Apple TV+’s Latest Historical Thriller Leaves You On the Edge of Your Seat

Manhunt: Apple TV+'s Latest Historical Thriller Leaves You On the Edge of Your Seat.

‘Invincible’ Season 2 Part 2 Review – Great Power & Greater Responsibility

Invincible Season 2 Part 2 is the most brutal display of with great power comes great responsibility.

What to Expect for Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

After seeing just the first episode of this Netflix adaptation of a childhood favourite in a theatre filled with other Avatar: The Last Airbender fans where we cheered, teared up and howled for joy, I can confidently say that at least episode one will not disappoint the majority of fans.

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