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Orphan Black: Echoes – A Look Into How to Preserve Life


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This review was made possible by early screeners of the entire series of  Orphan Black: EchoesOrphan Black: Echoes premieres on AMC on June 23rd with new episodes releasing every week.

Orphan Black: Echoes is a thrilling series, that stars Krysten Ritter, staring as Lucy. Lucy seems to have an ordinary life. Lucy is in a relationship with Jack (Avan Jogia) and his daughter, Charlie (Zariella Langford). In the midst of Lucy’s life, she seems to be experiencing fractured memories as well as, bits and pieces of her life before, that for the most part she doesn’t remember.

Alongside Lucy’s life there is the character Kira Manning (Keely Hawes), an absolutely brilliant scientist. Kira has made strides with the “printing” process which is a form a cloning. We also meet her wife, Eleanor (Rya Kihlstedt) who we see that her health is quickly failing. She is quickly diagnosed with dementia, and Kira is terrified of losing her.

Photo Credit: Sophie Giraud/AMC

Going back to Lucy, who runs into a “younger version” of herself, Jules (Amanda Fix) who is trying to live a normal life. She is growing up with her foster parents and her foster brother. She quickly realizes that Lucy is her just older. They both also realized that both of their memories are not up to par, and they want to find out the reason why it’s happening.

This show has a lot of twist and turns, including all three characters: Lucy, Kira, and Eleanor. Some of the main themes are all based around science, technology, the definition of family, and grief. Especially how people handle grief and how it affects their life.

Photo Credit: Sophie Giraud/AMC

What I enjoyed about the series is the technological advances implemented throughout. There is so much advancement and technology that we will not see until far into the future. There is also the question of how far someone will go to preserve someone’s life, and how the subject of selfishness plans into those decisions.

Orphan Black: Echoes is one of those shows that is action-packed and emotionally thrilling as you watch the episodes. There is so much to love about the show, but definitely you must keep up with episodes and remember those important moments.

I give this show a 4/5 stars.


Janelle Holland
Janelle Holland
My name is Janelle, and I love comics, T.V. shows, movies. I enjoy everything from Marvel to DC. You can usually find me with a comic book in my hand and some coffee.

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