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Donavan Rose on his Marvel Journey, his Incredible Funko Collection, Dream Job and His Future!


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Donavan Rose found his love of Marvel when the movie he wanted to see was sold out so he went to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier instead.

To think if Oculus wasn’t sold out, Donavan may not be the Marvel fan he is today.

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Hear his story of how he started a collection which now holds over 500 Marvel Funko Pops and Replicas, his growth on social media, and what his future looks like here at Nerd Initiative.

Donavan Rose
Donavan Rose
Better known as “TheDonavanRose” on all social media, Donavan is a lifelong pop culture enthusiast, and avid TV & movie watcher. He’s binged over 200 shows from start to finish and is almost always watching something, even if it’s on the background! While he loves most genres, Marvel holds a special place in his heart. After growing up being bullied and unexpectedly losing his mom when he was eleven, Donavan found a lot of himself in characters like Peter Parker and Tony Stark. Ever since then he has felt like Marvel is more of a home, rather than a franchise. He takes his love of Marvel to the next level by owning an extensive Marvel collection with over 400 Funko Pops, replicas from the movies, and even a full-sized Marvel vs. Capcom arcade. He aspires to get those who are passionate about pop culture excited about the same things he is!

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