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A Beginner’s Guide To Comic Books | Superman


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Another Guide To Help New Readers

Are you new to the amazing world of comic books?  If so, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed looking into what to read. With so many titles and characters to choose from, I understand that it can seem like a huge barrier to entry into this wonderful hobby. This is the purpose of this weekly article series.

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I want to introduce new readers of all ages and interests to this amazing community we call comic books. The community can only grow if we make the fandom accessible to new and old readers alike. So I’ve made it my mission to expand this community with helpful tips and a little bit of positive energy sprinkled on top.

A Beginner’s Guide To Superman


Superman is not just another comic book character. Superman is an icon.

Quite possibly the single most well known fictional character ever created. Making his very first appearance in “Action Comics #1” all the way back in 1938. Superman was there before many of us were ever born, and he will remain long after all of us are gone. Not just as a character, but as a symbol of truth, justice, and most importantly…hope.

Created by Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster, Superman is the orphaned alien infant who crash landed on Earth known as Kal-El. Given the name Clark Kent from the farmers who found and raised him, Superman is the original arch type for the “super hero.”

Endowed with superhuman abilities of all shapes and sizes, he is empowered by the yellow light of our Sun. Instead of being corrupted by his powers, Superman dedicates himself to the pursuit of truth and justice. The symbol on his chest, his family crest, is also a symbol of hope to all whole see it.

Here are my top 3 recommendations for anyone looking to read about Superman for the very first time.

All-Star Superman

  • Written By: Grant Morrison
  • Artwork By: Frank Quitely & Jamie Grant
  • Release Date: 2005

This is a series of 9 comics collected into a single trade paperback format. All-Star Superman is a reimagining of the character, delving into who and WHAT Superman is and stands for. The creative team wanted to present Superman as the ideal individual in “mind, body, and intention”. Someone with the power to control, but instead chooses to aid and uplift.

Superman is a character that is closing in on 100 years old in the very near future. With that much history, lineage and prestige it can be difficult for ANY comic book fan to get into this character.

All-Star Superman is a wonderful jumping off point, because in my opinion, this book gives you a clear picture into the man behind the cape and tights. Beyond the titles and nicknames and powers, this story truly introduces you to Kal-El, The Man of Steel, Clark Kent, better known to the world…as Superman.

Superman for All Seasons

  • Written By: Jeph Loeb
  • Artwork By: Tim Sale
  • Release Date: 1998

Most Superman stories, as would be expected, are told from the point of view of the man himself. Superman for All Seasons is different, as it is a series of four comics told by four different characters in Superman’s life. Each story takes place in a different season and cover specific significant events during his life.

The characters narrating these stories are Johnathan Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and Lana Lang. These are stories told through their eyes and from their points of view. Rather than seeing what the Man of Steel himself is thinking and feeling, we see what his peers see and feel whenever Superman comes to save the day.

This is an excellent run for new readers, as not only does it cover some of Superman’s greatest moments, but you also get a glimpse into the minds and lives of those around him.

Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?

  • Written By: Alan Moore
  • Artwork By: Curt Swan
  • Release Date: 1986

“Superman: Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?” covers the last days of Silver Age Superman as fans knew him. The huge reboot event for DC Comics known as Crisis On Infinite Earths was underway, with the intention of rebooting and modernizing all of DC’s characters and lore. This was their way of giving fans closure on this classic version of Superman that had been running for over 400 issues at this point. While this was by no means the end for the stranger from the planet Krypton, It was the end of THIS version of the character.

Set in the near future of 1997 (the book was published in 1986), the story follows a Daily Planet news reporter who has the task of interviewing Lois Lane about the days leading up to the end of Superman. She details how the sheer number of foes was becoming too much for him to handle, and how eventually his Fortress of Solitude was besieged and destroyed by his enemies. This is a recommendation for those looking to see where the old Superman ended, and the new Superman began. Consider it a history lesson.

The Future Of This Article Series

Next week we will be looking back at Image Comics for another classic character. The last time this series took a look at Image, we gave you some outstanding Spawn recommendations. For the next, we’ll cover another icon from Image Comics.

Remember everyone, this series is for the uninitiated. These articles are designed to help brand new comic book readers dive into our amazing hobby without feeling overwhelmed at their local comic book store. Be sure to leave a comment with a request for a character or genre you would like to see us cover next!

Until next time everyone be safe, be kind, and take it easy.

Jeremy Bowersock
Jeremy Bowersockhttps://linktr.ee/jjscomicstuff
Hi there, my name is Jeremy and I'm 32 years old from Ohio, and I LOVE comic books! I'm a content creator on Tiktok and my content consists of book reviews, upcoming release announcements, and much more! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to write about this amazing world of fandoms!

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