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HARROWER #4 – Vintage Horror ends on a strong note


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Harrower #4 – Boom! Studios

© 2005-2020 BOOM! Entertainment, Inc

Creative Team: Justin Jordan, Brahm Revel, and Pat Brosseau

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog for the ODPH Podcast on Nerd Initiative!

For this edition, we have arrived at the conclusion of Boom! Studios’ latest horror series. If you haven’t been checking this series out, HARROWER by Justin Jordan, Brahm Revel, and Pat Brosseau has been bringing scares with the vintage style of horror slasher films to much approval. With issue #4 now upon us, how does Jessa survive long enough to process the reveals of the last issue?

Before we start the review, the images featured reflect the horror story going on and some pictures might be too intense for some readers. Reader discretion is advised. That said and if still good to go, let’s take a closer look at the final chapter, shall we?



Quick Recap

© 2005-2020 BOOM! Entertainment, Inc

Jessa thought nothing more of the Harrower as a myth in her small town of Barlowe, New York. Ignoring the haunting warnings of a teacher, Jessa and her friends went out for a party not knowing what lay ahead. The avenger of Barlowe had already struck with the brutal murder of the sheriff before turning its attention towards the party.

Once it arrives at the party, the body count starts rising. If not for the attempts to stop it by Carter Creed, the sheriff’s son, Jessa might have been the next victim. With the house burning around them, the remaining survivors make their way into the basement, which has many tunnels to every house in Barlowe. That is not the only reveal as Jessa’s boyfriend Reed has been leading the Harrower on its quest to “make Barlowe pure”.

With Carter and Reed fighting, Jessa makes a break for an exit to escape the Harrower. She finds a doorway into a gala where her parents and many of the residents of Barlowe are attending.

© 2005-2020 BOOM! Entertainment, Inc

What Will Happen To Jessa?

The finale starts with Jessa processing what she just walked into. She is being thanked by the parents of those murdered for keeping their kids “pure and innocent”. Jessa is in pure shock of what is going on, but miraculously Carter is still standing and explains what is transpiring. Readers will witness the true secret of evil as the origin of the Harrower is revealed.

It plays into the dark and disturbing nature of the small little town’s façade. That admission is only followed up by the true identity of the Harrower, which Jessa and readers will be reeling from. With all the cards on the table, it’s a nearly dead Carter and Jessa versus the unstoppable avenger of Barlowe.

From that confrontation, the fallout sets up one last confrontation that casts an eerie but bittersweet feel on an already frightening read. The closing moments end things as all good horror stories with one last secret before resting this story until the Harrower should strike again…

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Story Review

© 2005-2020 BOOM! Entertainment, Inc

There is no shortage of shocks and awes that Jordan brings with this ending. Like any great horror story, it is always centered around good vs. evil. Jessa’s character becomes a reluctant hero during this (with a huge assist from Carter). The confrontation with her parents is chilling and plays into the fright factor of the tale. The introduction piece of the parents “thanking her” set the tone for the issue.

Beneath the surface, there are far more issues with this town than meets the eye. Jordan covers them up until unveiling all the answers to the questions. The final confrontation plays out as perfect as it should. It mixes in heart-break with one side winning but at what cost? The ending is one that will catch some readers off-guard but like any great horror story, an ending never means it’s truly over.

Artwork Overview

Revel captures the shocking moments to raise up the fear and anxiousness of this ending chapter. The cult-esque tone of the residents of Barlowe heightens the danger Jessa walked into. The depiction of the Harrower’s origin is chilling as it progresses the connection with the town.

The final sequence of events pop off the page as the emotional toll it is taking on Jessa is undeniable. The last confrontation will easily hit with readers as they watch the ultimate last stand play out.

The closing moments play into the horror genre excellently as the story winds down. The closing panels will excite fans while also making no mistake about how this story is ending.


Since its debut, Harrower by Jordan and Revel has brought the classic elements of the horror slasher genre to life within these pages in a series that continues to win fans over. The closing chapter ties everything together with a disturbing and rewarding conclusion that can’t be ignored on New Comic Book Day. 

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know what you thought of Harrower #4. Thanks for reading.

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