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Creative Team - Danny Lore(writer). Vincenzo Carratu(artist). David Curiel(colorist). VC's Joe Sabino(letterer). Rod Reis(cover artist). Mateus Manhanini (variant cover artist). Published by Marvel Entertainment Check out my other reviews on the Blood Hunt event! Hope you...
Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points! For this entry, Stout Club has recently returned to Comixology originals in a big way. After giving fans such hits as Red Tag and Hailstone, the imprint just...

Star Wars #47 – The Trial of Lando Calrissian

Hello there! Padawan J here, the resident Star Wars expert from the ODPH! And I’m going to be reviewing the latest issue in the...

Wolverine, Issue 50: Sabretooth War Part 10 of 10 – The Grand Finale!

Comic Book review for Wolverine #50 by Marvel Comics.

Green Arrow #12: A Family Reunion with Heart and Heroism

Creative Team: Joshua Williamson (Writer), Sean Izaakse, Phil Hester, and Eric Gapstur (Artists), Romulo Fajardo Jr (Colors), Troy Peteri (Letters) Green Arrow #12 - DC...

X-Men ’97 #3 – Everywhere on the Emotional Spectrum

Creative Team- Steve Foxe(writer). Salva Espin(artist). Matt Milla(colorist). Joe Sabino(letterer). Todd Nauck & Rachelle Rosenberg(cover artists). Rian Gonzales, Greg & Tim Hildebrandt(variant cover artists). Published...

Ultimate Black Panther #4: Where Is The King?

Writer: Bryan Hill Artist: Stefano Caselli Letterer: Cory Petit  Assistant Editor: Michelle Marchese Editor: Wil Moss Designer: Jay Bowen  Cover Artist: Stefano Caselli Cover Colorist: David Curiel  Publisher: Marvel Entertainment In this issue...

Union Jack the Ripper: Blood Hunt #1

Comic Book Review for Union Jack the Ripper #1, part of the Blood Hunt comics at Marvel.

WOLVERINE Madripoor Knights #4, Captain America

Comic Book Review for WOLVERINE Madripoor Knights #4 by Marvel Comics.

Weapon X-Men #4 – Old Man Logan

Comic Book review for Weapon X-Men by Marvel Comics.

Wolverine, Issue 49: Sabretooth War Part 9

Comic Book review for Wolverine #49 by Marvel Comics.

Weapon X-Men #3

Comic Book Review for Weapon X-Men #3 by Marvel Comics.

WOLVERINE Madripoor Knights #3 – Black Widow: Spy!

Comic book review for WOLVERINE Madripoor Knights #3.

X-Men: Forever #2- Launching of the Battle for Krakoa

Creative Team- Kieron Gillen(writer). Luca Maresca(inker). Federico Blee(colorist). Clayton Cowles(letterer). Luca Maresca(penciler). Jordan White(editor) Published By Marvel Entertainment Hey! Check out my other reviews HERE! Hope you...

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