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BOOK OF EVIL #3 – A Hellish Review


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BOOK OF EVIL #3 – Comixology Originals & Best Jacket Press

Creative Team: Scott Snyder, Jock and Emma Price

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH Podcast on Nerd Initiative!

For this edition, we are returning to one of the best imprints in comics today: Best Jackett Press, home of the Scott Snyder led imprint. With a roster of books such as We Have Demons (w/art from Greg Capullo), Clear (w/ Francis Manupal), Night Of The Ghoul (w/ Francesco Francavilla), Barnstormers (w/ Tula Lotay), Canary (w/ Dan Panosian) and Dudley Datson & the Forever Machine (w/ Jamal Igle), fans have been treated to amazing story after amazing story.

The issues have debuted digitally via Comixology Originals, following in print form via Dark Horse Comics. The latest addition to the line-up debuted in October of 2022 and made an immediate impact on readers. Now at the pen-ultimate issue, the dangers have ramped up on the young adventure and his quest to find hope in a hopeless world.

BOOK OF EVIL #3 by Scott Snyder, Jock and Emma Price picks right up after last issue’s shocking conclusion with another intense read. Stay between the “yolk lines” as we take a closer look at the latest in Homer’s odyssey. Let’s get started, shall we?


Who Is Homer?

In the 1960’s, the majority of children experienced significant and disturbing changes when they hit their teenage years (range: 14-16 yrs old). The behavior being displayed can only be summed up as psychopathic. There is no way to describe it, just the insanity spread like wildfire across the entire population, with only roughly 8% dodging the change. The 8% were reclassified as “animals” of less than human. One such “animal” is a 12 yr old boy named Homer.

Along with his brother Poe, Homer and his friends Blake, Milton and Elliot try surviving the world gone mad. When Poe goes missing and rumors of him turning start growing, Homer sets out to discover the truth.

Searching For Poe

A clue is found in Poe’s room: E. C. Happ (the author of a cartoon known as “The Book Of Evil”) clippings which Homer thinks is the hidden location of Happ. With a belief that finding Happ will solve this nightmare, Homer and his friends set out to find Happ. During their journey, the young adventurers can’t elude danger as they cross “Shepards” until a bigger threat saves them for himself: a newly turned “HumanPoe!

Humans vs Animals

This issue starts with Homer giving more background on the conditions he and his “family” have lived in. Readers can visualize the sheer hell the young boy grew up in with his brother doing all he can to keep him safe. It led into the importance of staying who they were and how hope represented the home they wanted. This ties into the importance of the color Yellow as that was the color of the door in the Yolk.

From here, the mood shifts to the frantic escape from Poe and the humans. The group is on a make-shift raft heading down a river, trying to stop Milton from bleeding to death (he lost his hand last issue). During the journey, Milton drops a food bag with gold-wrapped chocolate. Homer instantly jumps in to recover the food but is separated from his group. Once he swims to shore, another unknown group appears and makes an immediate impact on his journey.

What is this new group about? Homer meets with their leader and begins to process where things are now. Without his brother and his friends, what future does he have? Readers find out what this new group is about while sitting helplessly as a surprise blow is dealt to Homer that can only be classified as heart-breaking. The closing moments solidify why Homer’s convictions never waiver as the endgame appears to be approaching quickly.

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Story Review

The unwavering belief of Homer that things can change grows stronger heading into the final issue. Snyder composes Homer as a tragic character who presses forward no matter what transpires. This first comes to light when he dives into the water for the snack bag. It is a small footnote but Homer believes in what “normal” represents to him that he’s willing to risk everything to keep it.

The meeting with the new group brings up a new dynamic for readers to process. Is everything they present real or is this nothing more than a ruse? However the biggest moment of the book is a small conversation where when reading the dialogue, readers can actually feel the hope drain out of Homer. The final moments bring events full circle as the question of what will break first becomes evident: Homer’s hope or Homer’s reality.

Artwork Overview

In case you are new to the series, the art structure is very non-traditional to other comics. Emma Price deserves a great deal of praise for its’ presentation. However, when Jock adds anything to the pages, it elevates every page. The perfect example is Homer reliving the image of Poe with his knife. The haunting visual adds greatly to the dire feeling.

The introduction of the group’s leader makes a big statement by seeing how their path could be Homer’s. The use of colors still plays a huge part in this story. The symbolism of yellow jumps out as the story heads into the final act. It is an interesting mix of colors in the heart-breaking conversation that may play into something bigger in the finale.


The odyssey of Homer and his friends takes an unexpected turn, questioning all he has known within Book Of Evil #3. Snyder, Jock and Price construct a superb issue with moments and visuals filled with small glimpses of hope in a declining and maddening world. This series is an excellent read and one you shouldn’t miss out on for New Comic Book Day.

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know what you think of Book Of Evil #3. Thanks for reading Parlay Points on Nerd Initiative!

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