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Comic Legend Steve Borock on his Collecting Journey, Early Days of Grading and more

Steve Borock essentially set some of the grading standards we know today in comics. As a lifelong fan of the hobby, Steve had a background...

The Power of Marvel Unlimited

Digital comics has become a staple for many readers in the 21st century. Here's how the platform "Marvel Unlimited" has impacted some of our creators.

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Finale is Emotional, Nostalgic Roller Coaster Ride (SPOILERS)

After a very intense, fulfilling six weeks on Disney+, Obi-Wan Kenobi came to a close this week in an absolutely epic way. Warning - MAJOR...

Amira’s Personal Journey as a Creator, MCU Fan and Representation Activist

Tiktok provided me with the possibility to add my voice as a Muslim woman in a community that I thought was closed to me. It also gave me the possibility to push forward positive Muslim representation.

Ms. Marvel Ep 2: A Honest Look at Muslim Life in America

Ms. Marvel episode 2 released on Disney+ earlier this week and once again, gave viewers a genuine look and insight into Muslim culture in America.

Get to Know JT & Stephen – Two of Nerd Initiative’s Newest Creators!

Welcome, Nerds! My name is JT and I am one of the new writers here for the Nerd Initiative! Mygood friend Stephen, and I...

More MARVELousness: Ms. Marvel-Episode 2 Recap

This Article Contains SPOILERS about Ms. Marvel! Following the transformative events of Avengers-Con in Ms. Marvel, we find a much more happy and confident Kamala...

An Interview With Heather Antos on Her Career, Upcoming Projects and More

The Captioned Life Show had the opportunity to interview Heather Antos, Senior Editor of IDW Publishing

Comics To Read Before Watching “Thor: Love And Thunder”

Check out our recommendations for comics you should read before you watch "Thor: Love And Thunder".

This Week In Comics: Nerd Initiative Guide to New Marvel Comics

Welcome to the official comic book buying list of every title Marvel Comics has coming out this week! 

Watching Ms. Marvel with My Daughter – The Kind of Role Model She Deserves

I could tell Ms. Marvel was going to be a very different experience for the two of us.

Representation Matters: A Conversation About Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel released on Disney+ earlier this week and quickly became one of the most representative shows we've seen on streaming

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