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Wolverine, #47: Sabretooth War Part 7


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Creative Team

Writers: Benjamin Percy & Victor La Valle; Artist: Geoff Shaw; Color Artist: Alex Sinclair; Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit; Cover Artists: Leinil Francis Yu & Romulo Fajardo Jr.; Variant Cover Artists: Taurin Clarke; and Greg & Tim Hildebrandt.

Wolverine by Marvel Comics

This run of Wolverine has been going on for a few years now, however, the Sabretooth War has just hit part 7. You can go back to issue 1, kick it off with Issue 41 (the start of the Sabretooth War), or dive right into the fun with this issue. There’s always a recap at the beginning to refresh everyone’s memory, or for those who are just joining the party. 

Last we saw Wolverine, he was coming to after being mind controlled by Sabretooth to help him find Forge’s mutant depowering gun. Only to then have Sabretooth turn the gun on Wolverine.

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Wolverine #47 Cover. All images by Marvel Comics.
Wolverine #47 Cover. All images by Marvel Comics.

The Story for Issue 47

The Sabretooth War is coming together and getting intense! Laura, who was kidnapped issues ago, finally appears to be making some progress in the most bloody way possible. Meanwhile, Sabretooth wants nothing more than to kill Wolverine. However, he also can’t imagine a life where he isn’t torturing the little runt. Nevertheless he beats him to the brink of death, but doesn’t thanks to his one “weapon” intentionally not working exactly as Sabretooth wanted. With three issues left of the Sabretooth War, we’re seeing a Wolverine, not at maximum capacity, but ready to fight more than ever.

Wolverine #47, Variant Cover. All images by Marvel Comics.
Wolverine #47, Variant Cover. All images by Marvel Comics.

The Art

This issue was incredibly gory, bloody, detailed and beautiful. Between, X-Force, the Exiles, and the Sabreteeth there are so many characters, a ton of story, and action consistently going on, yet the art helps it flow so smoothly. All the while, some of the scenes are so intense they make cringe while still appreciating the beauty of the art.

Wolverine #47 Rating 8.5/10

With only a few issues left of the Sabretooth War, this story seems to be right at that spot where everything is about to get very intense. An angry Wolverine with a purpose can be unstoppable, and while Logan is not at his best right now, he’s still the best at what he does, and Sabretooth is number one on his to do list right now. If you haven’t jumped into this Wolverine run yet, it’s time to add it to the list. SNIKT!

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