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Avengers: Twilight #5 Review – The Truth is Rain!


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Avengers: Twilight #5 – Writer – Chip Zdarsky, Artist – Daniel Acuna, Letter – Joe Caramagna, Cover Artist – Alex Ross and Daniel Acuna (Credit Marvel Entertainment)

Avengers: Twilight #5

Creative Team:

Writer – Chip Zdarsky

Artist – Daniel Acuna

Letterer – Joe Caramagna

Cover Artists – Alex Ross and Danial Acuna

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The Story:

The Red Skull is ready to enact his final plan to take out the American Government. It’s up to Captain America, his aging Avengers, and his inexperienced young Defenders to try to stop him. Plus, we finally learn how H-Day got it’s name!

Avengers: Twilight #5 – Writer – Chip Zdarsky, Artist – Daniel Acuna, Letter – Joe Caramagna, Cover Artist – Benjamin Su (Credit Marvel Entertainment)

The Writing:

Chip Zdarsky is a phenomenal writer, there is no other way to say it. There are so few people working today that can push the reader into a story and keep them on the edge of their seat. By the time I finish the final panel of each of these issues I cannot wait to pick up the next!

Throughout this issue I was taken on a rollercoaster of emotions. I went from excitement to fear, from fear to anger, from anger to desperation, and then when I finally thought, “Hey, the good guys might just win this one…” BOOM! The final page hit like a ton of bricks! This is incredible writing, pure and simple.

The Art:

Daniel Acuna has a unique ability to make every panel look like a piece of museum art. I absolutely love the artwork in this book! The muted colors convey the dire nature of the story, the action set pieces look larger than life, and the action flows from panel to panel with ease.

Acuna’s art achieves what all great comic book art should, it helps to usher the reader through the emotions that the story is conjuring and enhances the experience.

Avengers: Twilight #5 – Writer – Chip Zdarsky, Artist – Daniel Acuna, Letter – Joe Caramagna, Cover Artist – CAFU (Credit Marvel Entertainment)

The Verdict: 10/10

I have said this from the beginning of this series and I will continue to say it, this is an important book. It is so important because, it is a warning against what can happen to a society that gives up it’s freedom and basic human rights because of fear and a false sense of security.

With the rise of authoritarianism in our modern world, this is a dark and depressing cautionary tale. However, it continues to use that darkness to show that light will always shine through and that there will always be those who keep standing for what is right.

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Derek Hoskins
Derek Hoskinshttps://paperweightentertainment.com/
Derek is the Co-Founder of Paperweight Entertainment, along with Ian Torrance and Colonel Bob Tingle. He is the co-host of the Paperweight Entertainment Podcast, a life-long fan of Star Wars, Iron Man, Marvel, DC, and all comic related media. He is a firm believer that, in the words of Qui-Gon Jinn, “Your focus determines your reality.”

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