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RESURRECTION OF MAGNETO #4 by Al Ewing, Luciano Vecchio, David Curiel, Jesus Aburtov, and Joe Sabino (Marvel Entertainment)

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points!

For this entry, we’re checking out the conclusion of a dangerous return in the X-Men Universe. With the fall of the Krakoan Era happening, the X-Men need all the help they can get. Storm has taken it upon herself to even the odds. Storm has gone to literally hell and back, returning with the X-Men’s greatest foe. The Master of Magnetism is BACK!

RESURRECTION OF MAGNETO #4 by Al Ewing, Luciano Vecchio, David Curiel, Jesus Aburtov, and Joe Sabino welcomes Magneto back into the fight versus Orchis.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the big return.


After dealing with the Shadow King, Storm and Magneto have returned to the land of the living. It’s not a moment too soon as Orchis makes their big play to eliminate Mutantkind.

The chapter starts off with Magneto crashing an Orchis base. Soldiers are firing but Magneto pushes forward. These troops are easily outmatched for what they’re dealing with. Magneto’s only question is to revert back to his deadly past or be a changed man and show mercy.

With a looming stand-off, Magneto is forced to make a choice. Trapped mutants are behind closed doors. One false move will set off nerve gas killing them all. What choice can he make? Sacrifice himself to save others? Defiantly standup to the surrounding guards?

RESURRECTION OF MAGNETO #4 by Al Ewing, Luciano Vecchio, David Curiel, Jesus Aburtov, and Joe Sabino (Marvel Entertainment) Cover: Alex Maleev

Readers watch as a choice is made. There is little doubt of what the outcome is. This becomes the least of Magneto’s worries as the challenge waiting after this proves to be a deadlier threat than expected.

The closing act is filled with big action. It’s fitting for the grand return of Mutankind’s loyal defender. Once the closing pages unfold, there is no question that a new player has entered the fight, wherever humanity and Orchis is ready or not.


Ewing shows Magneto’s struggles to find his identity after his return. Can he go back to his old ways or has his experiences humbled him? It is a great conflict that carries through the chapter. With every action, readers see the different sides come out.

Once the big threat of the issue arrives, Magento is forced to conquer his demons to finish the obstacle. Knowing that the world he has returned to is vastly different, the writing gives the impression of elf-awareness with the world watching. This can only add more intrigue going into the final moments of Krokoan time.

Vecchio, Curiel and Aburtov give a stoic return for Magento in many visuals for this chapter. The opening full page panel sets the tone for the rest of the book. Readers get a before and after with the surrounding soldiers that leaves no question of the brutality of wronging Magento.

Emotions run high as the final battle begins. The art team unleashed Magneto’s rage for this fight with a strong full page visual. Even with the full parting page, the art team leaves readers knowing that Magneto is back without question.


The question of identity haunts the return of the Master Of Magnetism. With Ewing displaying all the emotions, Magento’s true self emerges. The art team delves into multiple full page images fitting for a legend’s grand homecoming.

Hit me up on ODPHpod social media and let me know your thoughts on the Resurrection of Magento #4. Thanks for reading.


Ken M.
Ken M.https://odphpodcast.com/
Executive Producer/Host of the ODPH (Ocho Duro Parlay Hour) Podcast. Ken is also Nerd Initiative's Comics Editor-In-Chief/Brand Advisor and host of "Turn A Page". Ken is also a freelance Pro Wrestling Blogger and an all around fan of Sports, Movies Tv, Comics and Pro Wrestling

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