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Dead X-Men #4 It’s The Beginning of the End


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The Dead X-Men go toe to toe with Moira, fighting through time and space. A revelation from Racheal Summers in The White Hot Room makes the team realize that maybe they’ve been been on the wrong path all along. How will the Dead X-Men react to being used as pawns in a game of multi dimensional chess? Will they take control of their own destiny and forge their own path to peace?

Courtesy of MARVEL Entertainment. Cover art by Lucas Werneck.

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The Dead X-Men Are Running Out of Time

X-Men fever has been running rampant thanks to X-Men ’97 and The Rise and Fall of The House of X. Very quietly, almost in secret, the Dead X-Men have been shifting through space and time, slowly finding away to prevent the Dominion from destroying the world. The key to that is Moira, who has seen it happen over and over again. For the Charles Xavier, that means cutting out the root before it has time to grow, or in this case removing Moira from the equation a young age. To get a chance at this, Professor X sent the Dead X-Men to retrieve information from an organic, original Moira MacTaggert. The only problem is…they found one, and she is ready to go on a journey of destruction herself.

Cyborg Moira Vs. Dead X-Men

This issue opens as the Dead X-Men begin to fight with Moira and an alternate version of the X-Men. Their plan is simple, grab here and go back home, and they succeed. As they travel back to Krakoa in The White Hot Room, the team is inundated with the memories of Moira’s lives and Prodigy is taking it all in thanks to his mutant power. Mission Accomplished! Or is it? They drop out in one of the previous Moira universes and have to fight to survive against the Moira cyborg killing machine they’ve been carrying.

Courtesy of MARVEL Entertainment. Cover art by Junggeun Yoon.

With a little help from the X-Men of this universe they successfully defeat Moira (in EPIC fashion BTW) but not before losing their shard of the M’kraan crystal to Orbis Stellaris AKA Mr. Sinister. Things seem dire, but what may have been a curse becomes a gift when Prodigy is given a message by the crystal itself that may just turn things in their favor.

Charles Xavier Makes Pawns of the Dead X-Men

When the team returns, Askani, or Racheal Summers, informs the team that everything they have done was just a plot to kill Moira as a child before her mutant powers manifest, thereby stopping the Krakoan Era from ever existing. Each of these characters, among countless others, have thrived in this universe. Fates have changed, families have been settled. There’s too much good for them to just hit a reset button. Each member of this team takes decides to make it their mission to stop Charles Xavier form this path, and talk things out.

The Art and Writing of Dead X-Men

As I’ve said in my previous reviews of Dead X-Men, Steve Foxe is running on all cylinders. This book has been a breath of fresh air from all of the X-Men drama going on. These characters are rarely featured on prominent teams, some may even be regularly ridiculed by readers, but here in this book, they work. Foxe has the voices for these X-Men perfectly in tune, and the fun adventure through time and space has been a blast. I’m almost sad to see it end in the next issue.

The art in this series has been great. It’s interesting to see three illustrates working in tandem so well. There’s a lot of great synergy on this art team. Frank Martin’s colors have been unreal so far. He plays with shades of rich colors in a dynamic way. Each scene and setting feels unique and deep. I find each panel a delight to look at. Each character feels so unique while still merging into a cohesive team.

Everything Points To 8/10

Mickey Smith
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