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Ms Marvel Mutant Menace #2 by Iman Vellani, Sabir Pirzada, Scott Godlewski, Erick Arciniega, and VC’s Joe Caramagna. (Credit Marvel Entertainment. Cover by Carlos Gomez and Jesus Aburtov.)

Ms Marvel Mutant Menace #2:

Creative Team:

Iman VellaniSabir Pirzada (Writers,)

Scott Godlewski (artist,)

Erick Arciniega (Color Artist,)

VC’s Joe Caramagna (Letters.)

Carlos Gómez and Jesus Aburtov (Cover.)


The evil yet somewhat goofy villain Mojo has Lila Cheney on his homeworld of Mojoworld where she is his musical puppet. however, numbers are down and Cheney’s Li-natics have gone missing! Ms Marvel rocks in to the rescue in this musical issue to help Lila and bring back her Li-natics to get out of Mojo’s clutches. Will her mutant spasms lead her to extreme numbers or her downfall?


This issue takes us to a different planet where we see a familiar X-Men foe if you have been watching the ’97 series lately. Iman and Sabir are given the liberty to do what they please with these characters, and the amount of love for the material is shown in the writing. Kamala is on an adventurous tale to find herself and there isn’t anyone better to write her tale.


Meanwhile, the various colors and artistry in this issue are on display. Getting to showcase a new look for Kamala and bringing a rock and roll vibe to her was a blast in this issue. The colors are vibrant, and while this issue does not have as much action, it still is quite a fun tale.

Focusing on a tongue-in-cheek modern-day story surrounded by how many views one gets and how that could be their downfall plays well into modern society, which an X-Men tale often does well. Though I may not be the exact audience, as the writing did feel shallow at times and some of the dialogue cringe, I know that there are many out there for whom this was made precisely. Definitely pick this up!

8.5/10 Cigars

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