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Star Trek #12 – The Day Of Blood Comes To An End


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Cover A Photo From League of Comic Geeks
© 2023 IDW Publishing

Star Trek #12IDW Publishing

Creative Team: Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Angel Unzueta, Marissa Louise and Clayton Cowles

Welcome to another New Comic Book Day review from the N.I. Bullpen!

It’s the final part to the very first Star Trek comic book event, Day Of Blood. Encompassing multiple Star Trek comic series, this event has proven that it was indeed worth the wait for the first Star Trek comic event.

When we last left off, Worf was holding the mortally wounded body of his son Alexander and Sisko was being attacked by a Klingon ship’s weapon powered by a Bajoran Orb.

At the same time a two ship team of the Theseus and Defiant led by Spock and B’Elanna Torres respectively have been battling a group of Blood Wing ships loyal to Kahless II.

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Cover B Photo From League of Comic Geeks
© 2023 IDW Publishing

Risk Is Our Business

Spock contacts the Defiant, and informs them of what Sisko is going through down on the surface of the Klingon homeworld. Sisko is moments away from being destroyed. 

In order to counteract the Orb Weapon attacking Sisko, Spock suggests they create their own Orb weapon using the Bajoran Orb of Creation. There are numerous risks involved with this plan.

Essentially they have to create a super weapon out of an object that they essentially know nothing about in less than an hour. On top of that, the weapon needs to work perfectly the very first time.

When an Ensign points this out to Spock he simply replies as Capt. Kirk would have by saying “Risk is our business.”

Sisko Rallies

We return to Sisko. Kahless raises his weapon to deliver the final blow. Sisko prays to the Prophets.

He is granted a vision of what is going on in the ships above. He sees the two crews readying their Orb Weapon. Each person playing their roles and doing so with extreme precision and focus. The weapon fires. 

Sisko is given a new found strength as the Orb Weapon is fired, counteracting the other Orb Weapon being used against Sisko. Sisko reaches out and grabs Kahless’s weapon, preventing the death blow.

Cover C Photo From League of Comic Geeks
© 2023 IDW Publishing

As Kahless is being driven back, a plant reaches out and touches Alexander, bringing him back to consciousness, and Worf explains why Alexander did not see the gates of Sto’Vo’Kor when he was near death. Kahless flees the battle.

The High Counselor Wakes

The High Counselor of the Klingon Empire is awoken on board one of the Starfleet vessels after being saved in a previous issue. He is informed of the situation and he vows to hunt down Kahless once he is recovered. 

Soon after he tries to sleep and recover, a familiar Romulan foe appears. Sela appears, drugs the High Counselor and says he will have the chance to rebuild Qo’nos, if he tells her everything she wants to know.

The End?

The battle is won and the Starfleet crews are celebrating. Spock and Data talk about family issues and Sisko checks in with Worf about Alexander’s condition.

Elsewhere, some of Kahless’s men that are still loyal are lamenting about what to do now that their leader has fled. Just then, they receive a transmission on the Emperor’s secure channel. They attempt to block the incoming message thinking it’s a trick, but they can not. 

The person sending the message has bypassed their lockouts with ease and is claiming to be their true path back to honor and power. Who was the mystery messenger? It’s none other that Data’s brother, Lore.

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Cover D 1:10 Ward Black & White Variant
Photo From League of Comic Geeks
© 2023 IDW Publishing

Story Review

Kelly and Lanzing continue the classic Star Trek stoey telling in top form in this issue. They give the first ever Star Trek comic book event an ending that’s both satisfying and leaves room for even more epic events to take place.

The event has been full of drama, epic action and classic sci-fi tech babble like only Star Trek can pull off. 

How does Lore fit into all of this? What does Sela have planned this time? How will Starfleet deal with these new events? We’ll have to see what happens once the dust settles from Day Of Blood.

Artwork Overview

Unzueta and Louise continue with the beautiful artwork that brings the Star Trek universe to life. Bright colors and vivid backgrounds set the scene and keep your attention during every panel.

The shadows in the scene where Sela appears are used wonderfully to set up a foreboding tone for future issues. From the color usage to the character designs, this series is stunning.

Overall Score: 9 OUT OF 10 – “Must Pull”

The first Star Trek comic book event comes to an epic and satisfying conclusion in this issue. While it leaves cliffhangers for future stories, the event itself is essentially wrapped up in a nice little bow. Though future events will no doubt be impacted by these events of this run.  

Between the storytelling and the artwork this is a masterpiece of comic book media. Now, Star Trek fans can officially say they have a comic book event like the heroes of Marvel or DC.

Make sure you pick up Star Trek #12 from IDW Publishing at your local comic book shop this week for new comic book day!

As always everyone Be Safe, Be Kind, and Take It Easy!

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