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BATTLE CHASERS #10 – Action returns in a legendary way


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Battle Chasers #10IMAGE COMICS

Battle Chasers #10 by Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI (credit: Image Comics)

Creative Team: Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI

Welcome to an all-new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH Podcast via Nerd Initiative.

For this entry, a legendary series returns to the comic shops this week for the first time since 2001! In the early 1990’s after the big Seven (Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, and X-Men line artists Rob Liefeld (X-Force), Whilce Portacio (Uncanny X-Men), Marc Silvestri (Wolverine) and Jim Lee (X-Men) left Marvel Comics formed Image Comics.

Many fans wondered who would be the next big superstar to emerge from the top line of comics at the time. They didn’t have to wait too long as one artist made an immediate impact, giving the flagship title a whole new look. His name was Joe Madureira.

Joe Madureira

Madureira was named the artist on Uncanny X-Men in 1994. His work led to the success of the “Age Of Apocalypse” storyline as well as “The Trial Of Gambit” just to name a few. With a style all his own, Madureira quickly became one of the biggest artists in all of comics.

In 1997, Madureira left Marvel to join up with an offshoot imprint of Jim Lee’s Wildstorm line known as Cliffhanger. Madureira joined Humberto Ramos (Crimson) and J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl) with a creator owned title “Battle Chasers” in 1998.

Battle Chasers

Battle Chasers #10 by Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI (credit: Image Comics)

The fantasy-adventure book had a lot of hype behind it, but constant release issues with the series led to the last issue being published by Image in 2001! In that time, Madureira has gone on to different non-comic projects with a few returns to Marvel with “Ultimates 3” in 2007, “Avenging Spider-Man” in 2011 and “Inhuman” in 2014.

However, fans have never stopped clamoring for more Battle Chasers. Image released The Battle Chasers Anthology in 2019 to huge reactions. With a fanbase still clamoring for more, an announcement was made that shocked and electrified fans…

Early in 2023, Image and Madureira announced that they were bringing the series back with the long-awaited Battle Chasers #10 (by Madureira and LUDO LULLABI). The wait is finally over! The book is in stores! Let’s take a deeper look at how the story fares after debuting 25 years ago, shall we!

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This issue kicks off with a great recap of characters for readers jumping in for the first time:

Battle Chasers #10 by Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI (credit: Image Comics)

Garrison – A former Paladin coming to terms with his past involving Aramus

Red Monika – An infamous figure who plays by her own rules

Gully – The daughter of the legendary Aramus, Gully possess gauntlets once wore by her father that have immense power

Calibretto aka Bretto – A war machine that has a mind of its’ own and is a force to be reckoned with

Knolan – A wizard of great mystery and capabilities

The story as it stands is the world of Gaia is in danger. Mana, a prime resource is dying out. Sides are being taken and conflict is rising. King Vaneer has played a role in the power balance, helping Gully and Bretto in the search for Aramus. The same cannot be said for Garrison who defies an order to capture Red Monika and now becomes a fugitive himself!

Garrison On The Run

Red Monika wakes up in Garrison’s house after escaping Lord August. Garrison is waiting at the house and informs her that she was followed. Outside the house is Mastreo, leading the Martial Paladins on their bounty mission. Readers get a quick introduction into what they are capable of after they dispose of Akiman, Monika’s partner. Mastreo and his team bicker about what to do when Garrison and Monika make a break from the house. However, they don’t get too far before the Paladins make another play.

Battle Chasers #10 by Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI (credit: Image Comics)

All the while, Gully is confronting her alleged brother Sebastian Nefar, who is rotting in a cell with no hands after trying to put on Gully’s gauntlets. Their conversation is brief but sets Gully on a quest to find answers.

What happens when she goes searching? What of Garrison and Monika’s fate? How does Bretto play into the mix? Readers are taken on quite the adventure as events are set in motion, kicking the saga of Battle Chasers into high gear.

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Story Review

Madureira plays into the strengths of what makes this series such a beloved one with fans. The relationship between Garrison and Monika has always been combustible. Madureira focuses in on this for some great back and forth moments. The latest threats of the Martial Paladins are an interesting one. They come across to the reader as highly dangerous and ones that have a separate agenda all their own.

Battle Chasers #10 by Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI (credit: Image Comics)

Gully’s story didn’t get as much time in comparison (only 6 pages) but hit its’ key points. The dynamic between her and Sebastian works flawlessly to set up the forthcoming drama. As a “welcome back” issue, it does a great job for connecting with new and older readers of the series.

Artwork Overview

LULLABI steps in the art duties and delivers on fast moving, BIG action panels. The short sequence with them taking out Akiman delved into that frenetic pace. The moments with the Paladins hunting Garrison and Monkia establish the stakes very quickly.

This leads into an amazing 2 page full panel spread closing out Garrison’s portion of the issue. Lullabi does a spectacular job catching Gully’s reactions to Sebastion’s manipulations. Ranging from anger to puzzled to defiant, the emotions display sold that time in the book and made up for the lack of pages. Great final panel to send things off into the next issue.


The saga of Battle Chasers resumes without missing a beat. Madureira and Lullabi greet new and faithful readers with great storytelling and incredible visuals that encompasses why this series still connects with fans after 25 years! With the action and drama building back up, it is a perfect time to add this series to your comic book collection.

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know what you thought of Battle Chasers #10. Thanks for reading Parlay Points on Nerd Initiative.

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