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NOCTERRA #15 – Does Hope Burn Out On The Darkness Highway?


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Art Credit: Image Comics


Creative Team: Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Marcelo Miaolo and Andworld Design

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH Podcast on Nerd Initiative!

For this entry, we’re checking out the pen-ultimate issue of the latest story arc from an Image Comics series that has generated quite a buzz amongst comic fans. Ever since its’ initial kickstarter run, the hype behind this series has been enormous. Knowing who’s the creative masterminds behind the series, it’s a no brainer on why it comes with justifiable hype behind it.

NOCTERRA #15 by Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Marcelo Miaolo and Andworld Design brings the battle against everlasting darkness to a screeching halt. Lets take a closer look and how this arc ends, shall we?


Art Credit: Image Comics

Ten years ago, the world as we know it changed. There was no more light. The sun was gone. In its’ place was endless darkness. People were turning into creatures known as shades. Artificial Light is the only thing keeping others from turning.

Valentina “Val” Riggs aka Sundog is a ferryman whose fully lit eighteen wheeler moves goods and humans through the cold landscape. During one of her runs, Val came across Augustus McCray (Gus) and his grand-daughter Bailey, also known as Piper. The pair threw an offer in Val’s direction that she couldn’t say no to: Transport to an unknown safe haven and help cure her adopted brother Emory.

Since that time, the “Sundog Convoy” has faced many challenges including the deadly Blacktop Bill, who’s made it a mission to kill Augustus, or “the man who killed the sun”. Along the way, the convoy has gone through changes but the mission remains the same. As they head towards the mythical place known as Eos, the danger hasn’t stopped growing its evil hold.

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This issue picks up where the convoy has arrived in Eos, a land of eternal sunshine. Bailey is trying to process her grandfather’s equation to fix things but it appears to not be correct. It is possible the equation was to lead people to Eden for safety. The Humanoid protectors of Eos known as The Glares, are pressing for the convoy to decide if they are staying or going, but someone else has arrived that causes a change in plans.

Blacktop Bill has traced them down, bringing darkness with him. Shades are forming in the utopia. With their backs against the wall, Emory comes up with a plan. The plan is a long shot, but with Bill taking the fight directly to the group, they are running out of options.

How does Gus’s equation fit into all of this? Can Eden be saved? Readers bare witness to Emory playing a deadly game and taking a chance that defines high risk/high reward. The repercussions are huge. With stakes never higher, the closing act feels like a roller-coaster heading into a final page that will surely leave readers speechless and waiting with baited breath for the conclusion in July.

Story Review


Snyder ramps up the action heading into the arc conclusion. Emory’s risky play demonstrates the critical situation they are in. With everything crashing around them, there is no time to play things safe. Readers can easily identify with the bold move as victory feels out of reach, but they can’t just surrender either.

Blacktop Bill continues to be an impressive antagonist with his power play at Eden. The ruthlessness of his approach in dealing with Emory’ move resonates off the panels. It is a classic good vs. evil set-up which Snyder pulls off with ease and precise skill. Right through the final act, the pacing matches the intensity of the situation leading to the jaw-dropping close of the issue.

Artwork Overview

Daniel’s art encompasses the danger of Bill’s threat right from the start. Bailey and Emory’s reactions speaks volumes through their eyes as they see him appear in Eos. This is accompanied by a fantastic 2 page full-panel spread showcasing Bill bringing terror to Eos. The quieter moments also jump out as Emory has a moment with Bailey that feels like a farewell when readers see it. The battle with Bill and Emory holds nothing back with panels of Bill’s growing enjoyment of what he’s putting Emory through. Daniel displays the varying emotions through their encounter leading up to a spectacular closing image to send things into a bigger frenzy when the series returns.


With hope slipping away, the Sundog convoy throws caution to the wind in an attempt to face the darkness in an issue that can’t be missed! With incredible storytelling and amazing visuals provided by Synder, Daniels and the team, Nocterra shifts into another gear with no signs of slowing down.

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know what you think of Nocterra #15. Thanks for reading Parlay Points on Nerd Initiative.

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