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Dudley Datson Rises To The Challenge In This Series Finale


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Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine Comixology Originals & Best Jackett Press (Print Version coming via Dark Horse Comics)

Creative Team: Snyder, with Jamal Igle, Juan Castro, Chris Sotomayor and Tom Napolitano

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH Podcast via Nerd Initiative.

For this entry, we’re checking out the conclusion of a fantastic series from one of the most impressive imprints on the Comixology Originals Line. When fans hear the name “Scott Snyder”, one of the genres most associated with his writing is horror. The term “All Ages story” hasn’t typically been associated with his work but man, can he ever write an amazing one!

Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine by Snyder, with Jamal Igle, Juan Castro, Chris Sotomayor and Tom Napolitano has been such a fun read and a highlight of the second wave of books with the partnership between Best Jackett Press and Comixology (Digital)/Dark Horse (Print Version).

Now heading into the conclusion, it is literally anyone’s guess where this series ends its run at. Let’s not delay any longer and deep dive into issue #5, shall we?


Let’s Meet Dudley

Dudley Datson is a young inventor whose life takes a dramatic turn when he stumbles into a plot involving the Prometheans. Who are trying to acquire a powerful invention from his mentor, Dr. Shae. When Shae is killed, Datson now becomes involved in her battle to stop them and the mysterious Perdix from achieving their evil plans.

Datson does have some help in the form of a talking dog who is anything but average. Daedalus is a member of the legendary Athenian Family, and is a creator of an invention known as the Forever Machine, a maze-like conductor of energy. During their latest escape from Perdix, the pair wind up in the Forever Machine, which has been taken over by Perdix and distorted to his means.

Datson leads an impossible escape from the maze. When the pair arrive back on Earth, it is revealed Perdix is not who he says he is. Perdix is actually Icarus, Daedalus’ son!

Issue #5

This issue picks up with the theme of “Dreaming Big”. there is a montage (much like the previous issues) of inventors and breaking down their trains of thought. Things shift back to the reality of Icarus addressing the people of Earth, “offering” them the honor of powering the maze. Daedalus’s confidence is broken as realizing he is responsible for all this.

Datson calms his nerves and in a role reversal, Datson assumes the role as mentor, motivating Daedalus to continue to fight. They defeat an incoming Promethean scout ship and commandeer it to find Datson’s father and best friend, Ohno.

From here, readers see the emergence of Datson ascending into the role he has always been meant for. His plan is risky and near impossible, but as the theme of this issue goes, Datson is dreaming big!

Will his plan really work? The closing act picks up the pace bringing the long-awaited showdown to the center stage. The ending may surprise but if there’s anything certain about this series, it’s to expect the unexpected.

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Story Review

Snyder pulls out all the stops for an outstanding conclusion. The story of Dudley Datson has been all about finding himself. Since the initial first appearance, Datson has evolved from a naïve and awkward teenager to an established and confident inventor.

The themes for each issue have tipped off the blueprint for his journey. Datson excels at the role reversal. Snyder pulling the switch helped elevate Daedalus with his character. The big plan of attack works because it harkens back to what gives Datson his strength: the love of his family.

Seeing the confidence shine in him during the finale act was a natural extension of the growth. The closing act brought everything nicely full circle with leaving the readers on a positive note for what may lie ahead for the young inventor.

Artwork Overview

Igle and Castro set up the closing issue with some impressive visuals. Capturing the breaking of Daedalus was portrayed perfectly with reading his eyes when he felt the guilt sink in. The emotional reactions to events with Datson and his dad will connect with readers greatly as well.

Seeing Datson beaming in front of him with such conviction during this crisis are panels that can’t be missed. The final standoff brings the action heading into the closing visuals which brings this incredible story to an end the only way it can: dreaming big.


Snyder, Igle and the team welcome comic readers into the fantastic world of Dudley Datson. The series captures the imagination and constructs the magnification of the unlikely hero into the role he was born to be in. The combination of excellent writing and incredible visuals makes this dream idea into a must-have reality issue. Don’t miss this comic on New Comic Book Day. 

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know what you think of Dudley Datson and The Forever Machine #5. Thanks for reading Parlay Points on Nerd Initiative!

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