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WAG #1 (Comixology Originals) – Can society survive without tech?


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Wag #1 by Comixology Originals

Creative Team for Wag Issue #1: 

Writer: Scott Hoffman

Artist: Juan Bobillo

Letterer: Steve Wands

Designer: Rian Hughes

Editor: Greg Lockwood & Will Dennis

Images courtesy of Comixology Originals.


If I had to sum up this first issue in one sentence: Jason Bourne in the apocalypse with no technology, some mental health issues and childhood trauma, with a touch of the supernatural. At this point, I have no clue how much is spot on, and how much is just yet to be uncovered. Most likely the latter. 

We open on what looks like a calm and beautiful view. However, taking a closer look it’s clear we’re looking at a dystopian future. Immediately we learn phones and the internet are a thing of the past, and society shockingly did not handle it well. Emphasis on sarcasm

Images courtesy of Comixology Originals.

Our main character, Wag, appears to be just surviving. Of course, that never lasts long in the apocalypse. When he teams up with an unlikely friend, you think you know where the story is headed, but as more unfolds, we have no idea.

Wag has the combat reflexes of Jason Bourne, and flashes back to terrible memories of his childhood. It seems he has not ventured too far from his home base since society fell, but with his new friend, and sudden need to replenish something he lost in a fire, he sets off outside of his bubble. 

More is going on than we realize

Throughout the story there are flashes of what could be deemed supernatural, or simply all in his head. He also hears voices, which could be an implant in his head from the past, or something more. These are some of the mysteries that I look forward to learning the truth behind. It could even be a little bit of everything.

Wag struggles internally, and the audience is right there with him. Another mystery are birds. Throughout this issue we see birds. Some subtle, and some not so subtle. Their significance is another mystery that I look forward to learning. 

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The Art

There’s often something pure and beautiful about seeing a dystopian future where mother nature has begun to take back what is her’s. Plants growing inside a vehicle. Vines growing up the side of a building. Nature returning. It almost presents moments of hope in an otherwise terrible situation. The art here does that well. It’s calming at times despite the violence and fear. The colors give an almost watercolor feel, while still being very detailed, and moving the story along.  

Rating: 8/10

This first issue opened up a lot of mysteries. I look forward to learning more, and seeing how this all plays out. Clearly, Wag has a very interesting and dark past that needs to be told. 

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