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BATTLE CHASERS #11 by by Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI (Credit: Image Comics)


Creative: Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH Podcast on Nerd Initiative!

For this entry, fans came back to the world of Gaia in a big way with the overwhelming response to Battle Chasers #10 by Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI.

With an instant order from Image Comics for a 2nd printing, Garrison, Red Monika, Gully , Calibretto aka Bretto & Knolan relit a fanbase waiting for the next chapter. Luckily, the wait wasn’t long this time around. Battle Chasers #11 by Madureira and Lullabi hits the local comics shops this week. Let’s see how things fare this go-around, shall we?


BATTLE CHASERS #11 by by Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI (Credit: Image Comics)

Whenever Red Monika is involved, trouble isn’t far behind. Now a wanted fugitive, she wakes up in Garrison’s house. Unfortunately, they were not alone. Mastreo and the Martial Paladins were in hot pursuit of the pair who have a bounty on them.

With a daring escape, the pair makes a run. However in a shocking turn, Garrison makes a stand, buying more time for Monika to escape.

This chapter wastes no time catching up with a wounded Monika. Leaving a trail of blood, she’s caught the attention of an unforeseen foe. Meanwhile Garrison begins to summon power from his weapon.

The paladins are ready to strike but Mastreo makes a final plea for him to come in. His words fall on deaf ears. Garrison is ready to fight.

Can he overcome unsurmountable odds? Will the power of the Blade be too much? Readers won’t want to blink as the action turns up! The battle is one for the ages. It never lets up on the intensity and vested interest in one of the parties as well.

When it is all said and done, readers will NOT be ready for this issues conclusion. Just when they think they know what’s going on, the final image changes everything! Get ready for another twist in an already captivating tale.

BATTLE CHASERS #11 by by Joe Madureira and LUDO LULLABI (Credit: Image Comics)

Madureira unleashes Garrison’s fury onto readers with this chapter. The majority of the issue spotlights his noble stand against the Paladins. Readers can feel his anger as he not only fights his enemies, but wrestles with the ghosts of his past. Garrison’s background has always been the key point of his character.

Madureira takes a deeper dive with a few key emotional scenes in between the action. He interweaves this very well as nothing feels wedged in to break the action panels up. Knowing how personal the fight becomes adds another dynamic to the story. Heading into the final moments, Madureira sneaks in a solid surprise to keep fans on their toes till next time. It’s a fitting mic drop moment to close out this issue.

Lullabi’s art flourishes with each panel. The “quieter” moments with Monika build for a natural progression with her story. Lullabi presents Garrison as stoic in the face of danger. The mannerisms displayed reflect someone who’s ready to go out on their shield (or sword in this case). The action steals readers focus and never stops. The moments feel big and you can sense how every strike matters in the melee. There are some great full page panels in the closing act that can’t be missed. However, there are none greater than the final image to energize fans in the wait till next issue.


Madureira and Lullabi never waste a second in bringing the action in this can’t miss issue. Great writing and phenomenal art depict a swordsman valiantly fighting against the odds and himself. There’s no doubt this series is a must-have for all comic readers. Don’t miss out on picking up this issue!

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know what you thought of Battle Chasers #11. Thanks for reading Parlay Points on Nerd Initiative.

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