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ARCADE KINGS #3 by DYLAN BURNETT, Walter Baiamonte and Sara Antonellini (Credit: Image Comics via Skybound Entertainment)


Creative: DYLAN BURNETT, Walter Baiamonte and Sara Antonellini

Welcome to an all-new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH Podcast!

For this entry, we’re continuing to tag along the adventures of the mysterious Joe in the pages of Image Comics and Skybound Entertainments latest hit series. ARCADE KINGS by DYLAN BURNETT, Walter Baiamonte and Sara Antonellini has been winning fans over with its’ epic tale.

Now arriving at the halfway point with issue #3, there’s no telling where things go form here. Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening in Infinity City now, shall we?

*** POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING *** See previous review

ARCADE KINGS #3 by DYLAN BURNETT, Walter Baiamonte and Sara Antonellini (Credit: Image Comics via Skybound Entertainment)

When Infinity City’s greatest champion retires suddenly, Life as brothers Joe and Ken know it changes forever. Catching up years later, Joe is searching for his brother. However, the path to the family reunion has been “complicated” to say the least.

With his dad sending his associates after him, Joe has been able to escape the grasp. The question has now become when will his luck run out?

This issue kicks off with a flashback to the brothers bonding over a video game. The talk swiftly changes to concerns about their “dad” (Vic McMax)’s health. Joe is playing it off that he’s fine but Ken seems to be more worried. When Joe is called away to train, he promises to pick up the game later.


Later time-jumps to the present. Ken is taping his hands up before heading to his arcade. Ken has set up shop in The Row. Things seem to be a normal day, but not for long. A group of individuals arrive and make their presence known. Pressure is mounting that a takeover is looming. Can Ken survive?

ARCADE KINGS #3 by DYLAN BURNETT, Walter Baiamonte and Sara Antonellini (Credit: Image Comics via Skybound Entertainment)

Readers bare witness to how “business” is done in the Row. More secrets come to light as the dangers of Infinity City continue to grow. Tensions throw more fuel on the fast-paced action which will surely please fans. If that wasn’t enough, just wait for the closing act. The final image will set things on a strong start heading towards the endgame stretch.

Burnett presents Ken to the readers with a new focus of character. Much of his past has been shrouded in secret prior. With this issue, it is clear to the audience that Ken has carved his own spot in Infinity City. It is a noteworthy contrast from the other characters that have been introduced in the story thus far.


Burnett keeps a solid balance of drama and action with this issue. The latter half dives heavy into the combat but doesn’t lose focus on the heart of the story. The final act gives a proper build to where things are heading down the closing stretch.

The art reflects the complexity of Ken as he navigates the challenges of The Row. The body language demonstrates Ken’s reluctance to fight back without unveiling the true reason. The actions resolves that issue with bold panels showing why Ken stands out as an important figure.

Fans of this series have become accustomed to the fantastic action and there’s no letdown here. Before closing up shop, the team puts together an impactful parting act with a last visual to have readers talking with excitement until next issue.


A key character gets the spotlight as the battle of Infinity City continues on. BURNETT, Baiamonte and Antonellini bring the emotional weight to the frenetic fighting for another knockout issue. Don’t miss picking up this series on New Comic Book Day!

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know your thoughts on Arcade Kings #3. Thanks for reading Parlay Points on Nerd Initiative!

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