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My Hero Academia Season 6 Is The Best Season Yet


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The popular anime series My Hero Academia has returned for its sixth season! However, unlike previous seasons the season premiere just jumped right into the action — The Meta Liberation War arc.

The War BeginsMy Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1 Breakdown

Season 5 of My Hero Academia followed the number two hero, Hawks, and his secret mission to infiltrate the Paranormal Liberation Front led by Tomura Shigaraki. Season 6 is the result of his mission.

Picking up where season 5 left off, the top Heroes of Japan, led by the current number one hero Endeavor, begin their assault against the Paranormal Liberation Front due Hawks efforts on two fronts.

On one front, the heroes have finally learned of the whereabouts of the hospital where Nomus are created and Dr. Kyudai Garaki, creator of Nomus and a key player in All for One’s circle. The mission sounds simple enough. Capture Dr. Garaki and stop the illegal creation of Nomus. However, like life, things are never as simple as it seems.

For one, as Endeavor and others confront the episode’s antagonist, we learn of Garaki’s Anti-Aging Quirk, which has helped All for One live for so long. On top of that, it’s revealed that this doctor is not the real one but a double made by one of the League of Villains, Twice, who can make duplicates of himself and others.

However, there’s hope. In an underground morgue, the real Dr. Garaki continues his attempt to make Shigaraki stronger, which is quickly interrupted by the number 5 Hero Mirko infiltrating the morgue.

The Number 5 Hero, Mirko, asks Dr. Garaki if he is the real doctor

Mirko vs. High-End NomusMy Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 Breakdown

In Episode 2, we finally see the fan-favorite Rabbit Hero in action. First, we get the official name of Mirko’s quirk, Rabbit. She can do everything a rabbit can do but even better. Mirko’s fighting style reflects that as she has shown excellent jumping ability, powerful kicks, and incredible speed.

The doctor shows great fear of Mirko destroying his work, so he sends five of his most pewful Nomu after, known as the High Ends.

Mirko attacked by Giraki’s High-End Nomus.

While they provide some problems for the number 5 hero, Mirko is more than able to hold her own, even when her arm is obliterated mid-fight. One thing to note is that Mirko is one of the most reckless fighters in all of My Hero Academia. However, the episode explains that Mirko’s brash fighting style is due to her fear of her death being in vain. Therefore, if she were to die, she wants to have no regrets, so she lives like there is no tomorrow.

We then transition to a different team of heroes led by the number 4 hero Edgeshot who is leading an assault on the Paranormal Liberation Army headquarters. While most of the UA students are left in the back to help with evacuation and to stop any villains who might get away, two of Class-1As students are on the front line, Fumikage Tokoyami and Denki Kaminari.

While Tokoyami looks pretty calm about the situation, Kaminari has shown to be quite nervous about the whole situation. UA teacher and Pro Hero Midnight steps in to help calm him down and offer some encouragement. Rather than focus on the entire mission, think about one person you want to protect. We don’t want to spoil who that was, but it will melt your heart!

The Assualt on the Liberation Army’s Headquarters

The assault begins when UA teacher and Pro Hero Cementoss unleashes an all-out cement barrage on the Liberation Army’s headquarters, severely damaging the building. While most of the Liberation army members are freaking out as they were not expecting an attack, one of the members with an electric quirk seems calm and ready to unleash an attack that can eliminate every hero on the battlefield.

We then cut to a flashback of Kaminari and Tokoyami when they were getting ready for the concert and see how Kaminari likes helping out others in need, especially those he deems friends. Then, in a moment of crisis, Kaminari jumps to the front of the hero’s group and uses his electrification quirk to act as a sort of Lightning rod and absorb the big electric attack keeping the other heroes from getting harmed.

The following episode preview shows that the jig may be up for Hawks as he starts to move to prevent the liberation Army from carrying out their plans.

Denki Kaminari aka Chargebolt

If you’re watching My Hero Academia, I can only imagine you are also watching Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War! Check out our review and breakdown on Anime Onlies!

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