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Is Spy x Family That Hype x Worthy?


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As someone who is very peculiar of the anime that he finds enjoyable and his favourite anime for the longest time being Death Note I am thoroughly surprised by how much enjoyment there is to be found in Spy X Family. However, does Spy X Family dethrone Death Note as my favourite anime? No, at least not yet. Spy X Family currently has one season out at the moment, but in those 25 episodes it has shown an immense amount of potential with what the series can offer. Meaning one day it could happen.

What is Spy X Family though? It is the story about a master class spy (Codename: Twilight) who is sent into the opposing country of Westalis to maintain peace for his country of Ostania . In order for Twilight to maintain peace between the two nations he must play the undercover role of a family man. In order to maintain this charade he adopts a young girl named Anya who is conveniently a psychic and gets married to a woman named Yor who is hilariously an assassin. What adds to the hijinks of this family dynamic though is that Twilight is unaware of Anya’s abilities or Yor’s side career as an assassin, while Yor is unaware of Twilight’s true intentions/career or of Anya’s powers, but what makes all of it hilarious is the fact that Anya is aware of her parent’s secret lives but she is unable to tell anyone. Because if she does reveal the secrets then the mission is essentially jeopardized and Anya would be sent back to the orphanage and would lose out on two parental figures who have shown her a fair amount of love and affection whom she does love dearly. From such situations and dynamics it creates for some of some of the funniest adventures I have seen in anime and the characters truly add a fair bit to the hijinks.

Above all the comedy though there is a great deal of heart in the series that can get even some of the most jaded of viewers to feel for the situation that the characters are in and that is a great testament to the quality of the show. The capacity to balance heart and comedy is one that needs to be recognized seeing how hard the two hit.

What has to be my favourite adventure in the series so far is when Twilight has to get Anya into an elite private school so that he can establish a connection with his target. However, the barriers that the family encounters to get into the school are so odd yet hilarious I had to pause the show so that I could catch my breath and not miss a single moment of the episode. It is a good thing I did since that episode also has some of the best character work for Anya, Twilight and Yor that can really get the viewer’s emotions going. I won’t go into further details about the episode. Just know that the series is worth your time and genuinely does deserve all the attention that it was gotten from the premiere of the first season. 

The show is absolutely stellar, till the point that it got me to start checking out the manga and to watch the series a second timed subbed.

The new season of Spy X Family (subbed) began on October 7th, 2023 and Spy X Family Code: White will drop on December 22nd, 2023 in Japan.

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