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Ash Ketchum’s Top 10 Pokemon


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A 26-year-long journey has come to an end. Ash Ketchum is now a Pokemon World Champion and with that, fans have to say goodbye to an icon of our childhood.

With Ash’s journey at an end, let’s look back at all of Ash’s wonderful partners. However, Pikachu will not be on this list since he is obviously #1. The list will not only focus on the battle capabilities of the Pokemon but also their relationship with Ash and personality.

10. Gliscor

Starting off the list with one of Ash’s Pokemon who has more losses than wins is Gliscor. First encountered during Gen 4 in the Sinnoh region as a Gligar and being the 4th Pokemon Ash catches, Gliscor is one of the most loveable Pokemon Ash has ever caught.

Gliscor went on quite the journey from being a Gligar who had insecurities and short comings to a confident flier that came in clutch during his battle against the Canalave Gym and his rematch with Paul at the Sinnoh League. Gliscor is an absolute wild card in terms of battling capabilities but his over emotional, eager to please and overall loveable personality is more than enough to help him earn a position on this list.

9. Sirfetch’d

Sirfetch’d is one of Ash’s World Champion team members, but unlike three of the other members of the team though, Sirfetch’d does not bring along any gimmick abilities like Z-Moves, Gigantamax or a Mega form. He is just a good old plain Pokemon that evolved from his training with Ash.

What was most entertaining about this member of Ash’s team in comparison to many others though is that at first Sirfetch’d had little to no regard for Ash as its trainer. Rather he primarily saw Ash as a means to get stronger, but over time such a mentality would be changed by Ash’s love and respect. Such an attitude and relationship with Ash is for the most part what earns him a spot on the list.

8. Incineroar

The introduction of this Pokemon is a real heartbreaking one. We first see Incineroar as a Litten with an old Stoutland who tries to mentor it, but Litten sadly looses Stoutland. After overcoming the loss of its friend Litten joins Ash, becomes rivals with Professor Kakui’s Inciniroar, eventually evolves into Incineroar against it and helps Ash become the first Champion of Alola.

Seeing where Litten started and where Incinroar ends up is an excellent story and his relationship with Ash is very heart warming.

7. Krookodile

Appearing early in the Black & White series as nothing more than just a Sandile with a cool pair of shades who was a bandit, he would eventually joins Ash’s Unova team shortly after evolving into a Krokorok. After joining the team and eventually evolving into a Krookodile, it proved to be a very clever and powerful addition to Ash’s overall roster of Pokemon who pulled through in some very unlikely odds that seemed like Ash should have lost. Along with such battle capabilities it also brings a lot of personality and was a major standout from Ash’s overall Unova team (maybe because it was one of the few Pokemon on that team that fully evolved.)

6. Goodra

This thing evolved fast. In the span of less than 5 episodes we went from a Goomy to a Sliggoo and then almost immediately a Goodra. Considering how loveable and sincere this Pokemon was as a weak little Goomy, it was satisfying to see it rewarded so quickly with its final evolution as a pseudo-legendary.

It was even more rewarding to see it come back to Ash in the Unova League to help considering the responsibilities it held as a protector of other Pokemon, but it is unfortunate to have seen it loose so much after its win streak.

5. Naganadel

Being an Ultra Beast, Naganadel definitely stands out from the rest of Ash’s Pokemon,  though that is not the reason as to why Naganadel is on the list. The relationship between it and Ash is absolutely adorable and the fights that we saw Naganadel take on was not short of impressive. From its fight with Tapu Koko and Lucario, Naganadel has proven to be very capable in fights but also very caring. It’s also very cute despite the fact that it’s kind of a giant hornet from another dimension.

4. Sceptile

Had to really fight the desire to stick him in first since Sceptile for the most part looses a fair bit of battles, but it did beat a Mythical Pokemon during the Sinnoh League and watching its journey from a Treecko into a Sceptile truly did set the ground for the amazing characterization fans would come to see from other Pokemon that would eventually join Ash’s roster. Starting out as a loner cool guy Pokemon when it first joined Ash’s team it would eventually become a loving protector over other Pokemon that were part of Ash’s team. An iconic moment in this adventure will always be when it first learned bullet seed as a byproduct of Ash annoying it by shooting watermelon seeds at it.

3. Charizard

Most likely the second most recognizable Pokemon out there besides Pikachu. While Ash’s Charmander absolutely deserves sympathy for its origin of being abandoned by its original trainer but when it turns into a Charizard it does become a prick. Though watching it learn to trust Ash’s decisions as its trainer again and then being left at the Charicific Valley makes for some of the most memorable moments in the Pokemon series. There’s a lot more that can be said about Ash’s Charizard but it’s so iconic that we’ll leave it at that.

2. Greninja

Greninja had to be this high, despite my best effort not to let him be so high. From the moment Froakie showed up in the X&Y series it showed to be a very likeable Pokemon who wanted nothing more than to help Ash and others. Watching it answer its higher calling while adventuring with Ash to achieve his true potential was some of the best Pokemon story telling that has been given to fans over the years. Even the Pokemon Company saw the potential of Greninja’s character so much that Greninja is the only starter Pokemon who has more than 2 abilities as a base form with Battle Bond, then introducing a different look as well implies the love that this Pokemon has gained from fans

1. Infernape

Infernape has got to be Ash’s most cheer worthy Pokemon simply based off the fact that its original trainer was Paul. Infernape not only represents how great of a trainer Ash is but it acts as such a perfect representation of Ash and Paul’s rivalry that isn’t really seen again in the future of Pokemon’s tv shows.

To see Chimchar endure all the abuse that Paul had put him through just to come out at the other end being trained in such an opposite manor that lead to Infernape controlling its powerful Blaze ability that’d help Ash finally beat Paul was nothing short of heart warming and amazing. Chimchar had endured so much that even Ash’s long time nuisance Team Rocket was cheering for Infernape in the Sinnoh League. Being able to see Infernape finally beat Electivire was also such a crowd cheering moment for fans who had been watching Ash’s Sinnoh journey from beginning to end.

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