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Tokyo Revengers Manga Is Sadly Coming To An End


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Last year, Tokyo Revengers took the world by storm, becoming one of the most popular anime in the Summer 2021 line-up. While there is so much story left to be told in the anime, sadly, the manga is almost over.

Revealed in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, there are only five chapters left in the time travel story. The final installment will release in this year’s 51st issue of Weekly Shonen Jump on November 16.

You can find the official announcement here from the official Twitter account:

Tokyo Revengers' official Twitter account announces the release date of the manga's final chapter
The release date of Tokyo Revengers Final Chapter

The first season of the TV anime adaptation of Tokyo Revengers streamed on Crunchyroll, airing from April to September 2021. The next season, based around the Christmas Showdown arc, is scheduled for January 2023. 

Crunchyroll describes the series as such:

Takemichi Hanagaki is a freelancer that’s reached the absolute pits of despair in his life. He finds out that the only girlfriend he ever had in his life, whom he dated in middle school, Hinata Tachibana, had been killed by the ruthless Tokyo Manji Gang.

The day after hearing about her death, he’s standing on the station platform and is pushed over onto the tracks by a herd of people. He closes his eyes, thinking he’s about to die, but when he opens his eyes back up, he somehow has gone back in time 12 years. Now that he’s back living the best days of his life, Takemichi decides to get revenge on his life by saving his girlfriend and changing himself from which he’d been running away.

Need more anime? Check out Anime Onlies
Need more anime? Check out Anime Onlies
Better known as “Yaseenthatguy”, Yasin experienced exponentially fast growth when he started on Tiktok, as his followers immediately related to and found comfort in the 26 year old. As an advocate for mental health, something he shares openly with his audience, the mission became clear – to share his infectious energy, smile, and love for anime and all fandoms while creating a safe space for fans to express their excitement and love as well. With his 200k+ followers part of this journey, Yasin will now be heading up Anime Onlies, the new Anime section on the Nerd Initiative Network.

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