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The Infernals #1: A Devilishly Intriguing Tale of Legacy and Apocalypse


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Creative Team: Ryan ParrottNoah Gardner (Writers), John Pearson (Artist), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Letters) via IMAGE COMICS

Creative Team: Ryan ParrottNoah Gardner (Writers), John Pearson (Artist), Lola Bonato (Assistant Artist), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Letters)

Dive into a devilishly intriguing tale of legacy and apocalypse as Abraham Morgenstern faces his final days. Who will inherit his shadowy empire? Find out in this epic collaboration between Ryan Parrott and Noah Gardner!

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In Infernals #1, writers Ryan Parrott and Noah Gardner deliver a captivating narrative that feels like a supernatural twist on the hit HBO show Succession. With Abe Morgenstern, son of Satan, facing imminent death, the stakes are high as he must choose which of his three children will inherit his empire. Parrott and Gardner excel in world-building, crafting a story that blends dark fantasy with suspenseful twists

The trio of Morgenstern’s children—volatile narcissist Nero, conflicted field operative Jackal, and troubled schoolgirl Bee—adds depth to the narrative, setting the stage for intriguing dynamics and potential conflicts. The introduction of a Baphomet who advises Abe adds a mystical element without feeling overtly religious, enriching the story’s complexity.

Creative Team: Ryan ParrottNoah Gardner (Writers), John Pearson (Artist), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Letters) via IMAGE COMICS


Gardner and Parrott start runnin with the Devil at a high pace. The introduction of Abraham Morgenstern wins over readers with its charm and deception. Morgenstern is a complex character with family issues abound.

The writing shows his own reflection on his relationship with his father and how he treats his own children (Nero, Jackal and Bee). The mood is dark and mischievous. Considering this deals with the son of the Devil, this is no surprise. The writing never lets that escape the audience’s minds, which is a huge win. 

Each family member shows their wicked ways in various forms. The only character that shows any sign of “good” in them is Sam, Abraham’s goat faced assistant. The breakout character (thus far) is the ticking time bomb Nero. His impulsive and brash manner gives readers an insight on where things will be going with this series.

The closing moments with Abraham explaining his situation grounds the book back to a relatable level. This all leads into an interesting dynamic with the final pages. They will leave no doubt that the quest for Abraham’s throne will prove to be a road paved with not-so good intentions. Excellent work.



Creative Team: Ryan ParrottNoah Gardner (Writers), John Pearson (Artist), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Letters) via IMAGE COMICS

Artist John Pearson’s illustrations, complemented by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s letters, are a visual treat. The dark fantasy art style and mystical splash pages create a mesmerizing atmosphere, perfectly capturing the tone of the narrative. Innovative layout choices, such as incorporating black and white photos of devil like creatures in the backstory panels  drives home the non denominational approach to the whole devil concept.

Standout panels featuring Abe and the Baphomet creature, depicted as shadows against colorful backgrounds, effectively convey the protagonist’s impending doom. Bee’s character design and color palette transition offer a refreshing contrast, reminiscent of MTV’s Daria and adding further intrigue to her storyline.

Pearson, Bonato and Otsmane-Elhaou welcome readers into the sinister world of the family Morganstern with beautiful imagery. The full page moment where Abraham is taken by the Devil’s group makes a strong impression. The personality traits of the family shine through Pearson’s work. Abraham’s mannerisms range from defiant to accepting his fate.

Nero is unstable and demonstrates this with his reaction to a bad business deal. Jackal’s moves are mysterious and looming to react. The art style in Baphomet’s introduction varies from the coloring but still hits its mark. This is followed by an exceptional two-page dream panel that mirror’s Abraham’s feelings for the audience. The closing image is a superb way to close out a series that will be much on readers’ radars after this debut.

Creative Team: Ryan ParrottNoah Gardner (Writers), John Pearson (Artist), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Letters) via IMAGE COMICS

Final Thoughts:


Infernals #1 is a stellar debut that promises an enthralling journey into the realms of horror and mysticism. Parrott and Gardner’s masterful storytelling, combined with Pearson’s  stunning visuals, make this comic a must-read for all comic fans! With its innovative concept and compelling characters, Infernals #1 becomes a must add to your pull list! Don’t miss out on this devilishly captivating tale of legacy and apocalypse.

Overall Grade: 9 out of 10

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Combining high-stakes drama with dark overtones, The Infernals give readers a story that steals the spotlight (and maybe some souls) on New Comic Book Day. Gardener and Parrott craft a tale based around business before family with exceptional writing. Paired with the impressive imagery of Pearson, the legacy of Abraham Morgenstern’s business begins its path to become a permanent fixture for fans when each issue drops.



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