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Sirens Of The City’s Final Symphony


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Sirens of the City #6 – BOOM! Studios

Creative Team: Joanne Starer(Writer), Khary Randolph (Art), Andworld Design (Letters)

Sirens of the City #6 – Art by Khary Randolph, Letters by AndWorld Design Credit: BOOM! Studios

The grand finale of “Sirens of the City” delivers on the promise of an epic urban fantasy saga. Crafted by the stellar team of Joanne Starer, Khary Randolph, and AndWorld Design, the sixth issue serves as the climactic crescendo we’ve all been waiting for. The battle between sirens and incubi, revolving around Layla’s unborn child, unfolds like the third act of a major cinematic event, continuously building suspense until the satisfying conclusion

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The Writing:

Starer’s writing not only drives the narrative forward but also injects a dose of humor and emotion. Lilith, Layla’s formidable mother, steals the scene with her witty banter, showcasing her true capabilities. Rome’s character, lost in puppy love, provides a relatable touch, while Layla’s evolution into a powerful force is a testament to her resilience.

The potential for the series to continue lingers, but the conclusive ending leaves readers both yearning for more and content with the resolution.

The Art, Colors and Layouts:

Khary Randolph’s art and AndWorld Design’s lettering elevate “Sirens of the City 6” to visual brilliance. The predominantly black and white design, punctuated by bursts of vibrant colors during intense moments, adds a dynamic layer to the storytelling. This design choice not only aids in the visual flow but also intensifies the impact of supernatural powers and actions.

Standout panel designs, especially one featuring Layla with a hint of blue in her eyes amid surrounding action, demonstrate artistic ingenuity. The full-page spread capturing Layla’s empowerment is a breathtaking showcase of artistry, colors, and intensity.

Final Thoughts: 

The series leaves a lasting impression, marking itself as a gritty urban fantasy masterpiece that will linger in the minds of readers long after the final page.

Overall Rating 9 out of 10

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