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Edenwood Chapter 3: Betrayal


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Creative Team

Story & Art by: Tony S. Daniel; Colors: Leonardo Paciarotti; Letters: Nathan Kempf; Editor: Kel Symons.

Edenwood – Image Comics

The first issue kicked off with a group of teenagers hanging out by a lake. We quickly see these teenagers are growing up in a supernatural, dystopian, time traveling world. Separated in the first issue, we later learn what happened to some of these kids, however, some appear to have lived a much longer life than others. Rion, our main demon hunting hero, is struggling to figure out who and what to trust. All the while, the United States government is in serious discussions about striking a demon deal in a desperate attempt to “save” the country. 

Check out the Issue 2 review of Edenwood from Lauren.

First page of the Comic, Edenwood, Issue 3 from Image Comics.
Edenwood, Issue 3. All Images from Image Comics.
Edenwood Comic, page 2 of issue 3 from Image Comics.
Edenwood Issue 3. All images from Image Comics.

The Story for Issue 3: Betrayal

Issue 3 kicks off with a little flashback of what happened with Rion, and his mentor, Bastille. We get an emotional and bloody fight where we learn, the best way to kill a vampire for good is to cut its head off (insert GIF of Dean Winchester giving a thumbs up).

The story then shifts to present day Chicago. There’s a young child with the local news on in the background. Witches and demons have become political issues that Americans are fighting over. While this sounds realistic in a metaphorical way, in this world it’s anything but. Demons and politicians appear to be working together to overthrow the Witch Queen. All the while Rion continues on his quest to be a hero. The last page, I’m once again left with a scene, wondering if that actually just happened, and wanting to immediately keep reading.

The Art

While this world is dark and filled with nightmares, the beauty can still be found. Every frame has done an amazing job of being detailed, while still making the main subject pop against the background. Whether the story has us following along a detailed and bloody vampire hunt, or watching the local news in Chicago, the art is consistent, beautiful, and helps smoothly move the story along. 

Edenwood Issue 3 Rating: 8.75/10

We’re only three issues into Edenwood, and there is already so much going on. While there are time jumps, and no one seems completely trustworthy, the story still flows beautifully and keeps the reader engaged the whole time. Combining the supernatural with politics gives this story a unique edge. Nevertheless, the human element is what makes it so intriguing.

In a world where humans are caught between demons, vampires, witches, and politicians, they still have human egos and survival instincts. Two things that often trump morals and ethics. The world still seems to be in pure survival mode, but in the end people finding people that can be trusted may be the only way to do anything more than survive. But, how do you know who and what to trust?

Lauren is half of Hops GEEK News: a weekly podcast that discusses all things geek pop culture, while enjoying a craft beer of the week. They also interview many different people from the comic book world and beyond.

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