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Edenwood #2 – Who can you trust, when you can’t even trust demons?


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Creative Team (Image Comics)

Story & Art: Tony S. Daniel

Colors: Leonardo Paciarotti; 

Letters: Nathan Kemf; 

Editor: Kel Symons;

Cover A: Tony S. Daniel & Marcelo Maiolo; 

Cover B: Tony S. Daniel & Arif Prianto;

Cover C: Gary Frank & Jay David Ramos; 

Cover D: Yanick Paquette & Jay David Ramos

Cover E: Sean Gordon Murphy & Dave Stewart

Cover of Edenwood Issue 2 by Image Comics.
Edenwood Issue #2 – All images by Image Comics

Edenwood, from Image Comics

The first issue of Edenwood showcased a supernatural spin on a dystopian future. However, the mention of the rich being able to ignore the imminent death and destruction all around them, made it feel modern at the same time. We started with a group of teenagers on page one.

Before we knew it, we had demons, an army, that one loner we all love to cheer for, and so much mystery. Time moves differently in Edenwood, which alone can create confusion and mystery at the same time, while also answering some questions (such as why the dog turned to bones so quickly). Then that last page had me going back to the beginning of the story and wanting to read it all again. While also making me very excited for issue 2.

Check out the Review for Issue 1.

First page of Edenwood Issue 2.
Edenwood Issue #2 – Images from Image Comics.

The Story for Issue #2

While eagerly awaiting what comes next, as issue one ended with a turn I did not see coming at all, issue two drops us in New England in 1777. However, it says “Three years ago.” Time continues to not make sense, while creating interesting stories and mysteries.

Rion, who has now become squire to Bastille, runs into an old friend, and learns that vampires are real, and chickens really do run around with their heads cut off. 

We then come back to present day (complete with armies, tanks, and tall buildings), and we learn how Rion survived, and so much more. Countries all over the world have fallen to the demons, as Rion, and many others continue to hunt and kill them while also having to avoid monsters and navigate a supernatural world where no one can be trusted, not even in a dream.

The United States government is in talks with demon liaisons in hopes of achieving peace, while others know peace does not exist with demons. Some things shouldn’t need to be taught.  

The Art

Edenwood encompasses so many creatures, timelines, and worlds, and the art conveyed all of it beautifully. From attire to the background settings, there was detail in every page.

Seeing a dark queen dressed in medieval looking attire, stare out into a modern city on a beautiful day, didn’t look off. It showed contrast, and helped explain what was happening on a bigger scale throughout this story. Even the monsters are somehow absolutely beautiful, while creating a feeling of wonder and disgust at the same time. 

Edenwood Issue 2 Rating: 9.25/10

Only two issues in and a lot has happened! While this dystopian story combines modern day, the supernatural, and time that makes no logical sense, the story flows beautifully, and keeps you entertained throughout.  

Inside issue 2 of Edenwood by Image Comics.
Edenwood Issue #2 from Image Comics.

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