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NOCTERRA: NEMESIS Special by Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Liam Sharp and Andworld Design (credit: image comics)


Creative: Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Liam Sharp and Andworld Design

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH Podcast!

For this entry, we are checking out a one-shot special spinning out of a fantastic series from Image Comics. Knowing the creative team behind the book, it has been no doubt why this story has been such a hit.

However, For this issue, there’s a gear switch in the art duties, but trust me, the quality doesn’t suffer from a flat tire. NOCTERRA: NEMESIS Special by Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Liam Sharp and Andworld Design adds another element to an ever-captivating tale. Let’s not delay any longer and see where the journey takes the tale now!

*** POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING *** See Previous Review

NOCTERRA: NEMESIS Special by Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Liam Sharp and Andworld Design (credit: image comics)

When the world fell into eternal darkness, survival became an understatement. With artificial light being the only guide, the eighteen wheeler of Valentina “Val” Riggs aka Sundog has become more vital that anyone could imagine.

When an offer of transport shows signs of hope, the journey Val (along with her adopted brother Emory, Augustus McCray (Gus) and his grand-daughter Bailey, also known as Piper) started has gone in many directions. With what’s left of the “Sundog Convoy”, the group arrives in Eos, a land of eternal sunshine. However darkness isn’t too far behind.


Blacktop Bill, a dangerous follower of NOX, has tracked them downto Eos. With a gamble to possibly stop Nox, Val and Emory make a run for Argus to attempt victory. A key factor of the plan is Emory making a psychic link and allowing the darkness inside his mind. Desperate times call for desperate measures. With a link in place, the young boy faces a great challenge. The darkness won’t go without a fight as Bill counters the move.

NOCTERRA: NEMESIS Special by Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Liam Sharp and Andworld Design (credit: image comics)

This issue kicks off with Bill driving the Eighteen Wheeler directly at Emory. Being ties to a chair doesn’t help matters. Dodging the truck, Emory senses Bill inside his mind and approaching. Meanwhile, in the physical world, Val is driving as fast as she can with danger looming. This is only the beginning of a hellish nightmare that stays shrouded in cold shadows.


Readers get taken along with Emory in confronting some of his deepest fears while holding Bill back. Will he be strong enough? What will Bill do if he defeats Emory? The stakes have never been higher as the journey showcases what pure evil looks like. Will they make it to Argus in time? There are defining answers as the story progresses. A thrill-ride needs to end at some point and the final panel secures the brakes until the last stop in Nocterra #16.

NOCTERRA: NEMESIS Special by Scott Snyder, Tony Daniel, Liam Sharp and Andworld Design (credit: image comics)

Snyder takes Emory into the darkest places of his own mind with a chilling tale. The beginning reminded me a touch of the Metallica video for “Enter Sandman”. It is fitting as Blacktop Bill’s ruthlessness on this plane steals the issue. Seeing where Bill takes Emory to confront made an immediate impact. The narration of his dark vision of the world also made Bill a compelling character. Whenever Emory would think he would fight, Bill immediately tortured him back.

Through all this, the writing made Emory into a fitting challenger to Bill. Even at his lowest, Emory kept going forward. This connects with readers as to knowing how important the mission was. The final act brings a serious stop as to what the future appears to bring. All in all, another fantastic read.


Sharp jumping in for art duties gelled perfectly with the story. His style of art mixed with brooding coloring and inks added to the despair of the world of endless night. From the opening with the eighteen wheeler, Sharp set the terror in motion. The use of the headlight coloring made a big statement. The visuals of Emory confronting his past also jumps off the page. It brings an emotional connection front and center for readers. This is followed by an excellent visual combining a painted feel to illustrate Bill’s attack on Emory. There are a few great one page panels that fill the closing act and really end things with a huge climax, taking the story into an unexpected path.


The grim presence of Nox’s most dangerous follower shines through in an incredible one-shot issue. The haunting fantasy battlefield of Emory’s mind comes to life through excellent writing and stunning visuals. The creative team keeps the petal to the metal with an engaging tale that is a must-have on New Comic Book Day.

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know your thoughts of Nocterra: Nemesis Special. Thanks for reading Parlay points on Nerd Initiative!

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