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My Hero Academia Season 6 Ending Adds Heartbreaking New Detail


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SPOILER WARNING! One storyline in My Hero Academia that has warmed our hearts is the relationship between Toga Himiko and Jin Bubaigawara. Although villains, it’s hard not to root for them, right? Well, Bones added something to the ending of My Hero Academia that will tear your heart to shreds, but before getting to that, let’s add some context.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Ep 116 Breakdown

It’s the showdown you’ve known would come but wish would never happen. Hawks vs. Twice, but this isn’t your average hero villain faceoff. Since season 5, we’ve seen Twice, and Hawks grow close. You could even say Hawks was on the same level as how Bubaigawara considers the members of the former league of villains. A friend, but more importantly, family.

However, it makes Hawks’ betrayal hurt even more because, for Twice, this is the second time he’s brought someone into the fold that, in the end, put’s his friends and those he loves in danger. The first is Overhaul, Kai Chisaki.

Overhaul, Kai Chisaki, in My Hero Academia Season 5
Overhaul, Kai Chisaki, in My Hero Academia Season 5

Interestingly enough, Hawks feels the same way. He doesn’t want to betray Bubaigawara so much that Hawks mentions that after everything is said and done, he wants to help Jin start a new life. As we can all see, Jin Bubaigawara truly isn’t a villain. He only strides to protect those he cares about now that he has them in his life, which is the theme for everything in this episode.

My Hero Academia’s Greatest Betrayal – Hawks Vs. Twice

Remembering Big Sis Mag’s death and Compress losing an arm, Bubaigawara can’t stand to see his friends hurt again, so he decides his fate. Despite Hawks’ desires, Twice, against all odds, fights back the only way he knows how. Double over and over again. Despite his slightly villainous ways, it’s a moment that warms your heart after his mental breakthrough in season 5.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Hawks cut Bubaigawara down without breaking a sweat, injuring him enough to keep him alive. Hawks, who’s secretly been a spy, understands now that on both sides of the fence, the only way this war can truly end is if one side can go the extra step — Kill the other.

Going for the killing blow, Hawks is stopped by none other than Dabi, who blasts hawks with his signature blue flames. Of course, the speedy winged hero dodges, but something to note is that Hawks saves Bubaigawara’s life. Without Hawks assistance, Jin would have been caught in the crossfire. Once again, this showcases the care Hawks truly has for his criminal friend.

Hawks’ True Identity Finally Revealed In My Hero Academia

There are many times in Dabi and Hawks’ fight where Hawks seems down and out. This is especially so when Dabi blats Hawks out of the window. So here we get a sense of who the League of Villains is.

Despite his injuries, Dabi encourages the Twice to go wild and fight. At first glance, this could be seen as Dabi taking advantage of Jin’s emotions and his want to protect his friends. However, when Hawks reappears and is about to cut Bubaigawara down, we get a complete understanding of the bond the league shares. Dabi cries out Keigo Takami, Hawks’ real name, which is top secret, distracting Hawks. Dabi’s reveal allows Jin to make his escape marked by a high give between him and the blue-flamed villain.

The League of Villains has truly and always has been misunderstood. But, as Jin said when he was a feather point, heroes always abandon the down and out, which encompasses the common trend in the league. So despite their differences, the League of Villains truly has a bond that can’t be broken.

Jin’s Sacrifice

History keeps repeating itself for the man born without luck. Now outside, Jin can see the consequences of his actions, Heroes destroying the Paranormal Liberation Front, and Toga and Compress captured by a hero. With blood pouring down his chest Bubaigawara declares he will not allow his friends to pay for his actions again. With nothing left, Twice creates one more double, but rising out of the scorching blue flames behind him, Hawks delivers one final strike. 

Cue the emotional music. Bubaigawara appears behind the hero who captured Toga and Compress and stabs him to death. Time is of the essence as Himiko and Compress move to make their way underground. Unfortunately, Twice can’t follow them. A villain passing away is something I never thought would break me, but this broke me.

Jin, whose double is melting away, takes accountability for the situation unfolding and apologizes. Bubaigawara reminisces on all his pitfalls, those he has lost, and his mistakes, while the real Jin lies in his own blood.

However, despite everything, Jin feels that he couldn’t have asked for a better life and is blessed to have the friends he has. Hawks may have wanted Jin to start over, but Bubaigawara was already given his second chance at life.

The My Hero Academia Ending Detail You Missed

Sadly, with any connection made in life, some are left behind when someone passes away. In the ending of My Hero Academia, there are two added shots. One, calling back to the moment Toga gave Jin. The other shows the aftermath of this episode. Himiko hunched over after Bubaigawara’s passing.

Himiko Toga in Tears after Bubaigawara's passing
Himiko Toga in Tears after Bubaigawara’s passing

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