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Naruto Gets Classic Scenes Reanimated For The Anime’s 20th Aniversary


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To celebrate 20 years of Naruto, Studio Pierrot did the unimaginable. They reanimated some of your favorite scenes are heartbreaking moments from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden!

Featured on Studio Pierrot’s YouTube Channel, the video opens with Sasuke and Naruto’s iconic first fight at the Valley of the End. Then the rollercoaster begins taking us on Naruto’s journey all over again.

Many fight sequences are reanimated, such as Team 7’s fight with Zabuza, Gaara, and Madara. All those heartwrenching moments we tried to forget, you know what I mean, be prepared to watch them all over again in even higher quality.

Further, the new scenes are backed by the anime’s classic openings from over the years. It’s a must-watch; be prepared to cry like it’s your first time watching.

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