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Top 10 Most Anticipated Comics for the Week of 6/12/2024


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I had a difficult time making this week’s Top 10. That has happened before but what was different was the reason. I had a lot of comics about which I felt the same. Even books that normally stand above the rest had a few caveats that hindered my feelings toward them. Also, there were so many books I struggled to leave off like The Deviant #6, Napalm Lullaby #4, and In to the Unbeing #1. After much thought and personal debate I was finally able to put together this week’s list:

(Editor’s Note: Solicitation’s are provided by the Respected Publishers)

10. Hate Revisited #1

Writer/Artist: Peter Bagge

Publisher: Fantagraphics 

Solicitation: Peter Bagge returns to the series that defined a generation with this all-new, four-issue monthly miniseries! Buddy and Lisa, now middle aged with a free spirited young adult of their own, confront their own poor decisions as young people in the grungy 1990s. Expertly shifting between the present day (in full color) and their Gen X heyday (in glorious, crosshatched B&W), we learn for the first time the story of how Buddy met Lisa, Stinky, George, and Val. Meanwhile, Buddy is forced to come to terms with the tragic — and covered-up — circumstances of Stinky’s untimely death (way back in Hate #27). Hate Revisited expertly showcases Bagge’s inimitable humor and knack for character, and the generational shift lends an unexpected gravitas to their lives. This is the must-have comic of the summer!

Why it Made the List: Hate is a series dating back to the early nineties. Despite that, I am coming into this book completely cold. I typically love this style of book and I will usually give anything put out by Fantagraphics a try. Rarely do they have issues so I do not get the option of placing them on this list. There’s also something enjoyable about jumping into a series that has been long-running and just trying to figure things out. That is how I got into Usagi Yojimbo and it is currently one of my favorite books on the shelves. Plus, comparing the world of Gen X to today is intriguing. 

9. Morning Star #3

Writer: Tim Daniel, David Andry

Artist: Marco Finnegan

Publisher: Mad Cave 

Solicitation: Marabeth Garrett has left the trail and lost her way in search of her still missing brother, Charlie. What finds her in the Kootenai Forest drives her deeper into fear and further from her mother into the unforgiving Montana wilderness. Jolene’s fruitless search for her son Charlie continues but her path is lit by powerful memories of her deceased husband’s love.

Why it Made the List: Mad Cave is quietly having one of the best years of any publisher in 2024. (More from then later) Morning Star has had these two running narratives one very simple the other being literally out of this world. The central story is a family trying to grieve the loss of their father but there is an overarching sense that there is something much larger at play. One of the biggest standouts has been the colors of Jason Wordie. Much of this story is about atmosphere and establishing a very specific time and place. The coloring has done a lot to accomplish that. What has worked best about this series is that the mystery has not hindered the emotional hook. They have been able to balance both quite well. 

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Usagi Yojimbo: Saturday Morning Adventures #1

Writer: Erik Burnham

Artist: Jack Lawrence

Publisher: IDW

Solicitation: Usagi Yojimbo, honorable samurai and rabbit out of time, has been stuck in New York City ever since one of Donatello’s experiments with a transdimensional portal went awry. Usagi has grown to appreciate the city, his friends in the Turtles, and most of all, pizza, but he still wants to return to his own dimension more than anything. When Donatello finally finds a way for Usagi to do just that, the rabbit warrior invites the Turtles to visit his home… where they find a dangerous new enemy. It’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Usagi Yojimbo together again in a whole new dimension!

Why it Made the List: I feel a little weird putting this on the list considering we are also getting a Usagi Yojimbo issue written and drawn by Stan Sakai this week as well. You can read my reviews of that series thus far to see that I have enjoyed it but at the same time by this time, we know what we are getting with that series. I am not sure what to expect with this. Like many of my generation, my first exposure to Usagi was his appearance in the original TMNT cartoon. So the nostalgia is strong with this one.  I have also been enjoying these Saturday Morning Cartoon books from IDW a great deal. This is only a one-shot as well so have to enjoy it while it is here, because who knows if we are getting another one anytime soon. 

7.  Deadweights #3

Writer: Tyrone Finch

Artist: Sebastián Piriz

Publisher: Ahoy

Solicitation: It’s hard out there for a pair of ex-supervillain henchmen! When Jerry and Clarence’s escape from the Paladin stronghold doesn’t go as planned, the pair gets aid from an unexpected party. Featuring the third of six “mug shot” incentive covers by Richard Pace (Second Coming), which form a linked image.

Why it Made the List: This year has given us a number of stories that showed there is still room to tell new superhero tales. Deadweights has focused on supervillains who were bad at their job so they tried to find a new life only for the supposed heroes to just get in the way. A story partially designed to show how rehabilitation is impossible in a society that will only view you one way no matter your intentions. Ahoy has made their brand about humor books and this has had plenty of laughs but its strongest element has been its heart. Hard not to have empathy for a person who is finally trying to do the right thing but the world won’t let them. 

6. Little Black Book #4

Writer: Jeff McComsey

Artist: Felipe Cunha

Publisher: AWA 

Solicitation: The white-knuckle finale of AWA’s neo-Western crime thriller! Criminal heir “Little Stevie” is getting closer to his goal: finding the lost Little Black Book of underworld contacts! He believes it will solve all of his syndicate’s woes — but he’s learning that getting it won’t be easy. Meanwhile, handyman Cole and pregnant wife Tess wrestle with the fallout of using the book…will it tear their new family apart before it has even begun?  

Why it Made the List: One of my favorite story tropes is when a person is just forced into a world they do not understand nor are fully prepared for in any way. I am thinking of a comic like Kill or Be Killed where a normal guy had to suddenly become a vignette. Little Black Book has that element as our main protagonist Cole is brought into the criminal underworld due to his connections to his father. Even though he had no real relationship with him the sins of the father find a way to get passed down to the son. The story evolved into this struggle for power in the criminal underworld. Early on I thought I knew exactly where this was going but its done a good job of playing against expectations. The cliffhanger of the last issue was the strongest yet as I am not fully sure of anyone’s intentions. Who can you trust? Is there anyone to trust? A lot of questions I am looking forward to see answered.

5. Geiger #3

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary Frank

Publisher: Image Comics

Solicitation: Tariq Geiger surrounds himself with some dangerous friends. His two-headed wolf Barney bears the trauma of the fateful night that Geiger found him. And he and Geiger’s surprising new companion try to atone for a life of unfettered violence and brutality. But even between the three of them, they are no match for the many threats in pursuit. Plus, the return of Junkyard Joe!

Why it Made the List: I have always enjoyed Geiger but since it has recently came back I have been more and more impressed with it. Perhaps it’s because Geoff Johns has been able to expand this universe with other titles so the world feels more lived in, or it’s due to how the story has moved into a more exciting chapter. Now that the Glowing Man is not alone on his journey it has given the narrative an opportunity to allow his character to grow beyond his striking color. A lot of the last run was looking at what was but now we can look forward. A road trip in a dystopian world organically yields excitement because something new is always popping up, and Gary Frank is an impeccable artist teamed up with strong creators Brad Anderson and Rob Leigh. Ghost Machine has become an imprint of talented creators reminding the world exactly who they are. 

4. Transformers #9

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Artist: Jorge Corona

Publisher: Image Comics 

Solicitation: The wars on Cybertron and Earth converge in ways the Autobots and Decepticons never expected…

Why it Made the List: Considering how low this is compared to previous lists I feel the need to explain why it is not any higher. No, it is not just because of the art. I love what Daniel Warren Johnson was doing but Jorge Corona’s art has been strong as well. That first arc moved at a breakneck pace throwing us into this new Transformers world and forcing us to catch up as best we could. Now with this arc things have slowed down a bit mostly based on necessity. You have to give the audience and the story time to catch their breath. Naturally, the momentum has lessened which is why it is not as high as normal, but it is still a quality comic telling a fun and compelling story. I also wonder if they have to shift to neutral for a bit for the rest of the Energon world to catch up. One of the challenges of a connected universe. 

3. Dick Tracy #2

Writer: Michael Moreci

Artist: Alex Segura

Publisher: Mad Cave 

Solicitation: THE SAGA OF DICK TRACY CONTINUES IN A NEW ONGOING SERIES FROM MAD CAVE! Dick Tracy, the iconic, yellow-clad detective, returns in a must-read noir reimagining from writers Alex Segura and Michael Moreci and artist Geraldo Borges. As the City reels from the events at the Green Eye Diner, Dick Tracy must try and piece together the clues to not only discover the gunman behind the slaughter – but the man who gave the order. Who could the new player be? And how does intrepid reporter Tess Truehart fit in? A gritty, hardboiled tale that honors everything fans love about Dick Tracy–with an unforgettable twist. This isn’t your grandpa’s Dick Tracy! Don’t miss the series everyone is buzzing about.

Why it Made the List: The first issue of Dick Tracy gave me everything I was hoping for and more. They didn’t try to force this into the modern age allowing Dick Tracy to lean into what made him such a classic character, yet it did not feel dated either. There is something in the air because so many classic pulp characters are making their return. As a fan of that era, I am all for it, but then the challenge becomes standing out against the pack. Issue number one brought us into the world of Dick Tracy reminding us what has made him such an iconic character. Truth is there are not many detective comics right now despite that being the name of a major publisher. So there is a void there that this can fill. Looking forward to this diving even deeper into the mythos of Tracy with some of the classic villains.

2. Fantastic Four #21

Writer: Ryan North

Artist: Ivan Fiorelli

Publisher: Marvel Comics 

Solicitation: FORMULATING A CURE? Reed and Alicia are in New York for a day trip to an art museum, when suddenly the skies turn black with darkforce energy and vampires attack, everywhere, all at once! It’s Reed Richards versus the world as he tries to save everyone he can — AND come up with a cure for vampirism! But vampires are magic, illogical, impossible. Can Reed come up with a cure? And even if he can’t, how is he going to keep all the survivors alive and safe? And can Sue, Ben, and Johnny, all alone in Arizona, keep their families safe? It’s a BLOOD HUNT tie-in you won’t want to miss as the Fantastic Four take on a world overrun with VAMPIRES!

Why it Made the List: I struggled with where to place this. Fantastic Four has been Marvel’s best book since it debuted. However, even the best books struggle when they are forced into an event that has nothing to do with the story they are telling. Now I have enjoyed Blood Hunt for the most part as it’s the equivalent of a popcorn action summer movie. That is not how I would describe this run at all though so can they coincide? Maybe this arc is exactly what this run needs to add some more depth to the storytelling. We shall see. I know people tend to judge a tie-in issue based on how important it is to the overall event. Personally I don’t care much about that. I just want the story to be good as I tend to enjoy the tie-ins that just use the event as a way to tell a fun story.

1.Ain’t No Grave #2

Writer: Skottie Young

Artist: Jorge Corona

Publisher: Image Comics

Solicitation: Ryder seeks out Death in the city of Cypress, but quickly realizes that Death is on the hunt for her as well. She’s a wanted woman and every bullet in this dark place is looking to put her in a grave.

Why it Made the List: As mentioned with Fantastic Four I struggled with placement this week more than any other time I wrote this article. Often when I look at a week’s new releases I know right away what will be at the top, but this week I felt pretty equal about four books. I ended up going with Ain’t No Grave #2 because I kept thinking back to how impressed I was with Jorge Corona’s storytelling in the last issue. Not to mention Jean-François Beaulieu’s colors that made the book in to a pristine Western that would make John Ford and Sergio Leone proud. As a fan of the Western genre, I am excited whenever we get a Western comic and that is happening much more recently. This stood out both in the way the art was executed and how it mixed in elements of the fantasy genre. I had high hopes for this book because of how much I enjoyed Skottie Young and Jorge Corona’s Middlewest. So far those hopes are paying off. 

A fan of all things comics and believer in, "Comic are for Everyone, the Key is Finding the Right One". I hope to help in that search which is why I dawned the moniker Comic Concierge. Find most of my stuff on TikTok.

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