‘Brightburn’ Director Reveals Alternate Ending to the Movie

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May 24, 2024 was the 5th anniversary of the horror movie Brightburn. Directed by David Yarovesky and produced by James Gunn in 2019, the film takes the classic tale of Superman and adds a horror twist. Instead of Clark Kent landing in Smallville and becoming a beacon of hope, we get Brandon Breyer (Jackson A. Dunn). Brandon is an alien that crash landed in Brightburn, Kansas with the goal of taking over the world.

To celebrate the 5th year anniversary, director David Yarovesky had a Q and A with fans on his Instagram stories. Yarovesky shared his inspirations for the film, original costume designs, and stories from behind the scenes.

Instagram Post from @davidyarovesky

One question asked was, “Is the rumored ‘original ending’ of Caitlyn getting a robot arm true?” Caitlyn (Emmie Hunter) was Brandon’s classmate and first victim. After she purposely let Brandon fall during a trust exercise, Brandon retaliated by breaking her arm and murdering her mother.

“It is essentially true”, Yarovesky said. “We had an extensive brainstorming session and shot an ending that we didn’t use. This ending was one of the multiple endings we talked about shooting. We ultimately went with the [Michael] Rooker thing that you see in the movie now. We talked about her in a rehab facility looking incredibly angry with her reconstructed robot arm, but we never shot or scripted anything like that.”

After this, Yarovesky would go on to reveal that scenes exploring Brandon’s alien parents were also scripted but never shot because of the movies budget.

@DavidYarovesky via Instagram

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Brightburn (2019) Official Trailer | Sony Entertainment