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ROOK: EXODUS #2: Escape From Exodus


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Rook: Exodus #2 by Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson, and Rob Leigh. (Credit Ghost Machine and Image Comics. Cover by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson.)

Creative Team: Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok (Creators,) Brad Anderson (Colorist,) and Rob Leigh (Letterer.) Cover by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson.

Rook: Exodus #2:

Rook has everything he needs to finally escape from Exodus and is stuck waiting on his friend Swine, who, unbeknownst to him, has paid the ultimate sacrifice at the hands of a mysterious man. As Rook prepares his escape a former flame and fellow Warden gets to him just before the mysterious new player can, causing chaos beyond Rook’s wildest imagination.

The Art:

The various creatures continue to be a standout in this series for me. We have giant mutated bears, giant turtles, pigs, and so much more that enhance the world that Jason and Brad build through their art in this issue. Brad’s ability to create this once vibrant and now dying planet through his color choices immersed me as the shades of yellow meshed well with the green of the vegetation. The more we dive into this world, the more I enjoy seeing the various costume designs each character has, as well as the scale of the creatures that have been created. Artistically, it is a vibrant, action-filled story on a grand scale, playing in a world that has us dying to see more.

The Writing:

When it comes to storytelling, Jason and Geoff kicked this issue off with a surprise I was not expecting and made us feel sorrow for a pig in a way I haven’t felt since Babe. They begin to introduce new characters and thread new plots, such as Rooks’s old love story with Dire Wolf crafting backstories to be explored potentially. These subtle moments are crafting the direction of our story while leaving us frantically turning the pages and eating this tale up. I’m most intrigued by the world-building and excited to see where we head to next. The lettering done by Rob, whether he is playing with our imagination on animal noises or explosions, blends artistically into the panels, really highlighting this all-star cast.


This issue left me continuously wanting more as I was glued to every panel on every page. Everyone puts their heart and soul into their stories at Ghost Machine, and Rook is no exception. It quenches my thirst for action and adventure while making us think of the possibilities within the Wardens and creatures inhabiting this planet.

9.5/10 Cigars

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Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth
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