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Weapon X-Men #4 – Old Man Logan


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Writer: Christos Gage; Artist: Yildiray Cinar; Color Artist: Nolan Woodard; Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles; Cover Artists: Dike Ruan & Neeraj Menon; Variant Cover Artist: Declan Shalvey.

Weapon X-Men by Marvel Comics

In this comic Onslaught is crossing the multiverse and destroying earths. In an attempt to stop him Jean Grey has picked 5 different Wolverines from 5 different universes. A zombie Wolvie, a one handed Wolvie, Old Man Logan (who refuses to pop his claws), an out of shape barely a mutant anymore Wolvie, and Jane Howlett.

While this group of Wolverines may not be in their prime, they’re all still the best at what they do. The last issue left Old Man Logan with a major decision to be made.

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Weapon X-Men #4 - All images by Marvel Comics.
Weapon X-Men #4 – All images by Marvel Comics.

The Story for Issue 4

We kick off issue 4 much like we have throughout: with a Wolverine origin story. This time it’s Old Man Logan. Mysterio made him think the X-Men were villains, and Logan slaughtered them all. Inevitably leading to the wastelands, and even more loved ones being lost. As we come back to present day, Old Man Logan has apparently made a desperate decision, and the other Wolverine’s are none too pleased. Phoenix is called, and things take a turn.

Weapon X-Men #4, Variant Cover. All images by Marvel Comics.
Weapon X-Men #4, Variant Cover. All images by Marvel Comics.

The Art

Onslaught, Phoenix, and multiple Wolverines are not only portrayed throughout this issue, they’re portrayed beautifully and detailed. Each Wolverine has a distinct look with every emotion perfectly conveyed. Meanwhile, the scenes with Phoenix and Onslaught create moments of pure power and beauty.

Weapon X-Men #4 Rating 10/10

Issue 4 wraps up this Weapon X-Men story with a lovely bow. A bow I hope to untie one day, so I can see more of this band of Logan misfits. Any Wolverine fan MUST add this to their pull list. So much story, and so much Wolverine in just 4 issues, tying past stories together so seamlessly (complete with an index in the back), and introducing us to Jane Howlett. A character I would love to read more about.

There were 5 different versions of everyone’s favorite little runt (even more at times), all so different with different pasts. Yet, each one made me fall even more in love with this character. There really isn’t anyone else who is the best at what they do, and while Wolverine will never know it, what he does is often much nicer than he thinks. SNIKT!

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