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Uncany Valley #2 by Tony Fleecs, Dave Wachter, and Pat Brosseau. (Credit Boom! Studios. Cover by Dave Wachter.)

Creative Team: Tony Fleecs (Writer,) Dave Wachter (Artist,) and Pat Brosseau (Letters.) Cover by Dave Wachter.

Uncanny Valley #2:

The worlds of cartoons and real life have been blurred, and Oliver has more questions than he answers. His grandfather has kept him safe, but what secrets still lie beyond? Will Oliver embrace being half cartoon and lean into his abilities, or will he become another lesson in Saturday Morning disasters?

The Art:

Mixing in the real world with the rules of the cartoon world has never been more fun. Dave is having a blast as he leans into the tropes our classic favorites follow, such as painting an imaginary tunnel or allowing our heroes to walk across thin air yet never quite making it. The blend of these two worlds is extremely fun on the eyes and is even explained away, immersing us into our childhood fantasies. A vast number of bright and colorful landscapes are painted across this canvas. It’s a fun display of talent and creativity, bringing this world to life, and one that Dave is doing a stellar job at.

The Writing:

Tony is doing an excellent job crafting the rules of this world and answering questions such as why nobody pays any attention to a living cartoon. There is a darkness on the horizon that Tony weaves in ominously amongst the fun that this story is having. Amongst the serious heart-to-heart moments, we get the fun and goofiness of a cartoon, such as an anvil dropping on the car, snapping us back to hilarity. Pat is not to be forgotten here either, as the lettering enhances our cartoonesque tale and showcases the emotion that is being conveyed.


This story is finding its groove and knows what it wants to be. It walks a fine line between grave danger and leaning into the tropes of our childhood favorites. It feels like a clever and unique story that pays homage simultaneously. Uncanny Valley hits the beats and is a fun escape from reality, making an adventurous addition to any pull list.


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