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MS. MARVEL: MUTANT MENACE #3 by Iman Vellani, Sabir Pirzada, Scott Godlewski, Erick Arciniega and Joe Caramagna (Marvel Entertainment)

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay points!

For this entry, we’re jumping into an adventure starring one of Marvel’s brightest new stars! Since her debut, Kamala Khan has been winning over fans in droves. The character has made the transition to live action flawlessly. Now poised to have a bigger role in the comics and MCU with her new “Mutant” origin, Ms. Marvel is making waves during the fall of the Krakoan Era.

MS. MARVEL: MUTANT MENACE #3 by Iman Vellani, Sabir Pirzada, Scott Godlewski, Erick Arciniega and Joe Caramagna (Marvel Entertainment) brings back an old friend as Kamala finds herself in uncharted water.

Let’s take a closer look at how things play out.


With the return of Red Dagger, Kamala’s life becomes more complicated. Throughout the seriousness of Orchis’ attack, the writing keeps things centered around young love and her dealing with her new status quo. The action comes into play quickly in the middle act. Vellani and Pirzada playing off the notion of the Five is a solid plot theme in describing the familiar faces that are popping up.


Seeing the true villain’s plans in motion is an easy connection for readers. With Kamala being involved in the Mutant issues of the current MCU, the notion of Orchis involvement helps. It brings Kamala in a closer connection to Mutant affairs. The closing page might have something to say about that as Kamala’s dream escape crashes back to reality.

The art by Godlewski and Arciniega reflects the ever optimistic title hero. Red Dagger’s introduction brings up images of youthful hope and romance. It serves to counter the heavier matter of the Mutant hunting going on. The introduction of “zombie” Cyclops is gifted a half page image. Seeing the X-Man in this state makes for a loud, positive visual. This builds up for more as the book progresses. Readers will have a big surprise waiting for them on the final page. it is one that should have more fans talking about what is unfolding here.


With an old friend stopping by, Kamala Khan’s world gets turned upside down. The writing brings out the best of Kamala’s personality. Paired with solid imagery depicting action and a blossoming romance, fans will have much to be invested in. The final page should have some readers buzzing with who stops by. Keep this one on the radar when at the shops this week.

Hit me up on ODPHpod social media and let me know your thoughts on Ms. Marvel: Mutant Menace #3. Thanks for reading Parlay Points on Nerd Initiative.


Ken M.
Ken M.https://odphpodcast.com/
Executive Producer/Host of the ODPH (Ocho Duro Parlay Hour) Podcast. Ken is also Nerd Initiative's Comics Editor-In-Chief/Brand Advisor and host of "Turn A Page". Ken is also a freelance Pro Wrestling Blogger and an all around fan of Sports, Movies Tv, Comics and Pro Wrestling

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