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GEIGER #2 by Geoff JohnsGary Frank, Brad Anderson and Rob Leigh (GHOST MACHINE/IMAGE COMICS)

Creative Team: Geoff Johns (Writer)Gary Frank (Artist) , Brad Anderson (Colorist) and Rob Leigh (Letters)

In the radioactive aftermath of a world torn asunder, Geiger #2 emerges as a beacon of storytelling brilliance, guiding readers deeper into the enigmatic journey of Tariq Geiger and his steadfast companions.

With anticipation soaring for this highly awaited issue, we’ve gathered a dynamic team from our bullpen to provide a comprehensive analysis. For this review, it’s Ken (ODPH Podcast/NI Comics EIC), Megan (Vigilante Vibes Poddcast/NI Comics Team Writer) and yours truly (Marty Stoked – NI Comics Assistant Editor) Get ready to uncover a range of perspectives as we delve into the depths of Geiger #2.

The Writing:


Johns brings out the multi-layers of Tariq Geiger to the fans’ delight. The unlikely pairing of Nate the Nuclear Knight and Geiger gave a fun break from the darkness of the world around them. Seeing Nate try continuously to win over Geiger made for some entertaining moments. With the post-apocalypse comes new rules to live by. The adaptation of the pair to get by provides a very engaging tale with this chapter.

The conflict is everything a reader would want from a great story. It has action. It has Drama. Factor in a great twist and how can it go wrong? Johns pulls this off flawlessly. Seeing Geiger doing his best to avoid being a hero and failing never disappoints. The ending throws everything in motion for a new player to step into the light. It serves as a reminder that not every tale gets a happy ending. Excellent work!

Geiger #2 keeps the same energy as the first installment does. It’s exciting, gritty, violent, and compelling as hell. I really enjoyed the dynamic of Nate the Nuclear Knight and Tariq the Glowing Man. Nate’s exciting versus Tariq’s realism comes off like an excited puppy with an angry and experienced older cat. I think they compliment each other well. What Nate lacks in abilities, he makes up with heart, and vise versa for Tariq.

The writing is excellent to say the least. The pacing is perfect in Gieger #2, and has you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Something I appreciate is that the story is easy to jump in to if you haven’t had any prior experience with the Ghost Machine world. 

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The writing delves into the struggles of survival in a barren landscape, weaving in glimpses of Nate the knights past that hint at his internal conflicts and his unwavering desire to do good despite the odds. The narrative deftly explores themes of redemption and the complexities of human nature, all set against the backdrop of a society grappling with the aftermath of an unknown war. With each page turn, readers are drawn further into Geiger’s world, feeling the weight of his journey and the challenges he faces.

Geoff Johns’ writing shines in its ability to create authentic characters and a gripping storyline, leaving readers eager for more by the issue’s end.

The Art, Colors and Letters:


Frank, Anderson and Leigh bring out the best in the new world of the Unnamed. Opening with a full page shot of Nate trying to secure food starts events off in a delightful manner. The outcome combines elements of fun and brooding to lead readers into the heart of the chapter. The odd couple’s reactions to the events range from frustration to shame. It quickly establishes how different Nate and Geiger are, making their panel time more impactful.

The chase after the “criminal” is filled with bold action sequences. Images move swiftly with Geiger and Nate on the chase. It leads to an impressive two-page splash that signals Geiger is ready for action. There is no escaping this moment leading a new phase in the book. The glow of Geiger radiating off a mask makes for a great visual. Once readers head into the final panels, the art team leaves them in startling place as a new factor enters the world of Tariq Geiger.


The art by Gary Frank, complemented by Brad Anderson’s vibrant colors, immerses readers in the post-apocalyptic landscape, capturing the grit and desolation of Geiger’s world with remarkable detail. The characters’ expressions reflect the toll of their surroundings, adding depth to the storytelling.

Rob Leigh’s lettering adds to the overall atmosphere, particularly in the climactic sequences, enhancing the tension and emotion of the story.

Grades and Final thoughts:

The Unnamed’s odd couple makes an impact with their latest adventure for Ghost Machine’s founding character. Johns blends the darkness of the dreary landscape with slivers of heroic themes. Frank, Anderson and Leigh compose the thrilling and versatile imagery that continues to impact readers jumping into this series. There is no sophomore slump with this series!


All in all, this comic run started with a strong start, and continues to be exciting and compelling. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Glow Man.

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Marty: 9

Geiger #2 cements itself as a standout in the realm of post-apocalyptic storytelling, delivering a compelling narrative that seamlessly blends action, emotion, and mystery. As the saga of Geiger unfolds, it continues to captivate with its rich characters, dynamic storytelling, and stunning artwork.

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