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THE BOY WONDER #1: Gotham’s Shadow strikes


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The Boy Wonder #1 by Juni Ba, Chris O’ Halloran, and Aditya Bidikar. (Credit DC Comics. Cover by Juni Ba.)

The Boy Wonder #1:

Creative Team:

Juni Ba (Writer and Artist)

Chris O’ Halloran (Colorist)

Aditya Bidikar (Letters)

Cover by Juni Ba

Publisher: DC COMICS

Damian grew up learning the vengeful ways of his grandfather Ra’s Al Ghul. That is, until he was dropped on the doorstep of his father, Bruce Wayne. Bruce saw that Gotham needed a Robin as it had outgrown its previous one. Damian is fighting more than bad guys in this explosive first issue as he must learn to set aside pride if he wants to fill the tights as Robin!

The Art:

Juni and Chris bring a very unique and flavorful style of artwork to this Black Label issue 1. The choice by Juni to give characters a mask as though we are being shown a pop-up bedtime story brings to life the legends that reside within Gotham City. Chris compliments Juni’s drawings by opting for an array of colorful blends that pop from the page which give us excitement and an air of adventure.

I found myself enthralled with the character designs, which were done in an all-ages way that screamed light-hearted adventure. This love letter to the Bat-family doesn’t consist solely of Batman and Alfred.

The Boy Wonder #1 by Juni Ba, Chris O’ Halloran, and Aditya Bidikar. (Credit DC Comics. Cover by Juni Ba.)

The Writing:

Juni weaves an exciting, adventurous tale that can give us life lessons and appeal to an all-ages category. Showcasing that teamwork is crucial to saving the day rather than being the lone wolf to deliver results can teach a lesson to a younger and older audience.


I loved the third-person telling of Damian Wayne, which depicts him as a child finding his way into his new life. Aditya really hammered home the entire ensemble as the lettering, primarily done in the voice of our villains, further immersed us within the story.

Overall: 9.5/10

This is a fun comic that appeals to all ages. It is a classic third-party telling of a character I don’t feel we dive into enough with Damian. Diving into the weight he carries as the son of Bruce Wayne and what that means to him on his search to prove himself can also serve to teach us about our place in life.

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