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Batman The First Knight Book 2 by Dan Jurgens, Mike Perkins, Mike Spicer, and Simon Bowland. (Credit DC Comics. Cover by Mike Perkins.)

Batman The First Knight Book 2:

Creative Team: Dan Jurgens (Writer,)

Mike Perkins (Art and Cover,)

Mike Spicer (Colors,)

Simon Bowland (Letters.)


The Legend of Batman continues to grow in this Elseworlds take on Gotham City and their prized vigilante. Batman is not the only one with beef against the cops. Commissioner Gordon is out to ensure no innocent people die by crooked hands. Book 2 delves deeper into the battle for the heart of Gotham as Batman still has much to learn. Who are his friends? Who can he trust? This issue explores all of that and packs a powerful punch!


This issue is filled with eye candy throughout. There are some beyond-beautiful sequences of Batman in his classic suit diving through the cities of Gotham and working amongst the shadows. The duo does a great job making Batman feel powerful and menacing while keeping the shroud of mystery within. They also do not hold back when it comes time to showcase fight sequences. Batman beats bad guys to a pulp, spraying colorful red blood against the dark color palette. Classic Batman fans will sure love this as it deepens the lore of Bruce Wayne, Gotham City, and Commissioner Gordon.

Batman The First Knight Book 2 by Dan Jurgens, Mike Perkins, Mike Spicer, and Simon Bowland. (Credit DC Comics. Cover by Mike Perkins.)

I would like to also shout out the way every individual we meet in this issue bursts with their uniqueness and level of detail you cannot help to marvel at. This is a gloriously well-drawn and colored book that fans will be sure to love and adore.

The Writing:

Jurgens compliments the art with the classic duality of Batman and Bruce Wayne. We witness Bruce laying the charm on in ways only Wayne can. On the flipside, Batman is green and fresh, and hard-headed. Jurgens explores a world without Alfred and Bruce’s help, which I find fascinating.

I also admire his ability to lock in on the dialect of the 30s, which immerses you further into the time period and the story that is delivered to us. We also witness Gordon and his distrust for Gotham’s finest on display, which comics sometimes shy away from. The overall tone is nailed down and this issue rocks hard.


This issue is brutal, sometimes gory, and will suck you into its shadows without hesitation. Batman The First Knight is a must-grab for fans of Batman and even newcomers alike. Exploring a Bruce Wayne who is learning and on his own helps us appreciate the man even more and this team is nailing the tone they have set out to establish in book 1.

9.5/10 Cigars.

This review was written by Matt, one half of the duo of Hopsgeeknews, a podcast that chats comics, movies, TV shows, and a beer of the week. To find more reviews and all of our episodes head to http://linktr.ee/hopsgeeknews.

Hey friends! My name is Matt I am a nomadic beer and pumpkin spice enthusiast perpetually living in the fall. I cohost a podcast called Hopsgeeknews alongside Lauren where we talk comicbooks, movies, and tv shows while featuring a beer of the week! We have a passion for all of those things so check us out and enjoy my weekly comic reviews!

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