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Cosmic Justice: Space Ghost Soars into Action!


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SPACE GHOST #1 by David Pepose, Jonathan Lau, Andrew Dalhouse and Taylor Esposito (DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT) – Cover by Francesco Mattina

Space Ghost #1 – Dynamite Entertainment

Creative Team: David Pepose (Writer), Jonathan Lau (Artist), Andrew Dalhouse (Colors), Taylor Esposito (Letters)

Ever since its announcement, this series has commanded the attention of fans, firmly establishing itself atop their radars. With Space Ghost’s rich legacy and nostalgic appeal, spanning generations of fans young and old, anticipation has been palpable. As a cherished favorite among our bullpen members, it’s only fitting that we assemble multiple reviewers to do justice to its impact. Without further ado, let’s embark on this cosmic journey!

The Writing:

The writing by David Pepose immediately throws readers into the heart of chaos as the space colony faces a dire attack, with the Keplar family fighting for survival. The first story grips new readers effortlessly, setting high stakes and weaving in mystery and intrigue that leaves one craving the next issue. It’s a relentless, action-packed ride that never lets up. I’m particularly intrigued to see how the dynamic between Space Ghost and the Keplar family, especially Jane and Jace, evolves in future installments.

Pepose wastes no time hitting the ground running with the action. Keeping the story centered around Jan and Jace made for a solid play. It allowed the title character to be a looming presence. The kids’ fight for survival is only amplified by this technique.

Readers watch as the classic characters get a revision with a darker overtone. The pacing allows for Space Ghost to flourish for a new audience. Each time he appears, it gives a sense of importance and awe. This is especially true with the final page. Events conclude with a thunderous exclamation point as a hero has emerged through chaos to save the day.

SPACE GHOST #1 by David Pepose, Jonathan Lau, Andrew Dalhouse and Taylor Esposito (DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT) – Cover by Jae Lee & June Chung

Pepose kicks this story off with a bang as Jan and Jace are the frontrunners of this tale. Space Ghost almost has this Batman-like presence around him which I think works strongly as he is built up mysteriously and powerful.

If you are a fan of the character you get a glimpse into the beloved history of this character as Pepose pays homage with a tremendous amount of appreciation.

The Art, Colors and Letters:

Lau’s artwork is a cosmic spectacle to behold, with every panel bursting with detail and energy. From the intricate character designs to the awe-inspiring cosmic landscapes, Lau’s visuals elevate the narrative to new heights. Andrew Dalhouse’s colors further enrich the experience, infusing each scene with vibrant hues that leap off the page.

But it’s Taylor Esposito’s lettering that truly brings the tale to life, enhancing the emotional beats and pacing with precision. Intense action sequences are elevated by Esposito’s expertly placed lettering, immersing readers in the heart-pounding fray.

One cannot overlook the striking depiction of Space Ghost himself, shrouded in mystical fog that adds an air of mystique to the character. This visual motif not only looks cool but also deepens the intrigue surrounding the enigmatic vigilante.

SPACE GHOST #1 by David Pepose, Jonathan Lau, Andrew Dalhouse and Taylor Esposito (DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT) – Cover by  Michael Cho

Lau’s imagery crafts a more serious feel to the adventure at hand. The action sequences pop off the page. It allows readers to get a sense of what the hero is unleashing on the bad guys.

The initial appearance of Space Ghost is greeted with a half page panel worthy of the legend. As the action builds, it’s capped off with a impactful moment of Space Ghost unleashing his anger onto the antagonist. Events conclude with a final page that fully solidifies the heroic statement made: “I’m Here”.

There are so many epic moments and chances for each character to stand out in this breakout issue. We see a few glorious one-shot panels of Space Ghost showing off his might, leaving the reader in awe. Taylor’s lettering compliments Lau’s artwork as they blend seamlessly, striking home how exciting this issue is.

In addition to the art and letters, the coloring leaves this issue bursting off the page in flashy and delightful ways. It’s a very strong debut issue leaving us ready for what is coming.

Final Thoughts:

Space Ghost #1 is an incredible cosmic adventure, delivering non-stop action and tantalizing mystery in equal measure. With its stellar creative team at the helm, this series promises to be an exhilarating ride through the stars.

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The re-introduction of the Hanna Barbara legend shines with an exceptional debut issue. Pepose welcomes in new readers with a superb script. It is equally matched by electric imagery from Lau and Dalhouse. Fans looking for a thrilling superhero story can stop their chase right now. This book is ready to fly fast into the stratosphere!


Space Ghost is back! This reintroduction of a classic and beloved hero does a splendid job of inviting back fans and welcoming new ones. The story is action-packed from page one, and it never once lets off the gas pedal throughout. If this is a taste of what is to come, we are in for such a treat!

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