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Black Widow & Hawkeye #2 – A SHOT OF STUNNING TRUTH


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Creative Team- Stephanie Phillips(writer). Paolo Villanelli(artist). Mattia Iacono(color artist). Joe Sabino(letterer). Stephen Segovia & Jesus Aburtov(cover artists).
Published By Marvel Entertainment

Creative Team:

Stephanie Phillips(writer)

Paolo Villanelli (artist)

Mattia Iacono(color artist)

Joe Sabino(letterer)

Stephen Segovia & Jesus Aburtov(cover artists)

Published By Marvel Entertainment

With multiple nations in hot pursuit, Clint Barton is on the run. Barton is the prime suspect in a murder of a Russian Foreign Minister. Luckily, there’s an old friend trying to help him out of this mess. Natasha Rominov aka The Black Widow.

The old friends (of over 60 years in comics) have been thru a lot. Former villains. Former Avengers. You name it, they’ve been it. At the end of the day, it is their bond of friendship that never has been broken. Now poised with a great challenge, the pair is in Madripoor planning their next moves. Can the pair survive with so many parties hunting Barton down?


This series is a fan favorite in the N.I. Bullpen. Joining on this review is Megan (from the Vigilante Voice podcast) and yours truly (Ken – Nerd Initiative Comics EIC). Let’s discuss the latest chapter:


MEGAN: Reading the second issue of Black Widow & Hawkeye was an absolute thrill ride of emotion! I’ve always said the love between Natasha and Clint is one of the best things Marvel has ever given us, and the second issue proved just that. Their deep connection is shown through the comic and shows very clearly in the writing. The dialogue between the two characters shows just how loyal Natasha and Clint are to each other. You can see it when Natasha has to defend Clint against her own symbiote. Or when Hawkeye laughs off the jealousy of the symbiote by commenting how he’s been in Natasha’s life longer. I love how you can read the raw emotion through each panel between our two heroes.

KEN: In two issues, Phillips has crafted an intense world of espionage. The pacing moves things right along while keeping readers locked in. The back and forth of Clint and Natasha breaks up the seriousness of actions nicely. The dynamic of Natasha’s symbiote is a new factor that leads to some memorable sequences. It keeps building up suspense of what its’ true motives are. Does it support the pair’s friendship or does it want to eliminate Clint altogether?

The latter portion of the chapter dives very far back into their past. Seeing their bond form and still hold up to the present is a big win for fans. It also adds more danger to the actions and fallout that jeopardizes everything. Factor in some more surprises in the final moments and this series just keeps getting better and better.


MEGAN: What’s just as incredible is the artwork of Black Widow & Hawkeye #2. The way the symbiote is drawn never ceases to amaze me. Something I really enjoyed was how the scene at the card game was drawn out, particularly the part where it shows Clint in the reflection of a cup. The creativity of this team is shown throughout this comic.

KEN: The art reflects Clint and Natasha’s solid foundation of their friendship. The slower moments in Madripoor give insight to their casual comfortability discussing events. This all changes with one quiet action. The near full page image speaks volumes. This leads to a wonderful full page full spread of Natasha in action. The fighting panels flow very smoothly until the resolution connects.

In these instances, the art locks in on Natasha’s reactions and how she tries keeping things level until she gets a reaction. This leads into the final moments where a reveal is gifted with a full page foreshadowing. Once this portion revs up, it motors until the closing image. A full reveal of a character is constructed. This leaves readers much to ponder until the next chapter drops.



All in all, I dare say that issue number two was even better than the first issue. I’m such a sucker for the platonic friendship between Clint and Nat and it showed perfectly here. The loyalty and love was demonstrated far better than I could even imagine. I’m not sure what will happen next, but you can bet that I am antsy with anticipation to find out. I’ll give this a solid 10 out of 10!”

Hey, it’s Megan! If you liked my review, be sure to check out my other reviews! Let me know what you think of Ultimate X-Men #2, or tell me what comics you’d recommend me trying out! Find me on my socials, and check out my Marvel podcast, Vigilante Vibes, by clicking here!

KEN: 8.7

Within two issues, the latest chapter in the lives of Clint Barton and Natasha Rominov spiral out of control. Led by Phillips superb writing, the action moves without remorse as the drama unfolds. The art team deliver on creating a world of danger amongst an emotional bond. You absolutely want to have this series on your radar.


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