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Minor Threats, The Fastest Way Down #1


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Creative Team

Script: Patton Oswalt & Jordan Blum; Art: Scott Hepburn; Color Art: Ian Herring; Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot; Cover A & D Artists: Scott Hepburn & Ian Herring; Cover C Artist: Joelle Jones; Cover D Artist: David Mack; Cover F Artist: Martin Simmonds; Cover G Artist: Joe Quinones.

Minor Threats, The Fastest Way Down, by Dark Horse Comics

The world of Minor Threats just keeps getting better and better. It first kicked off last year with a 4 issue run called Minor Threats. In that run we’re introduced to an eccentric collection of villains just trying to survive in a superhero world. Every issue had laughs, surprises and fantastic storytelling. Frankie was raised by a villain, and wants more than anything to not become her mother. However, we can’t always escape where we came from. As Minor Threats, The Fastest Way Down, kicks off we see Frankie is doing quite well, and her story is just getting started.

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Minor Threats, The Fastest Way Down. All images by Dark Horse Comics.
Minor Threats, The Fastest Way Down. All images by Dark Horse Comics.

The Story for Issue 1

Following the events of Minor Threats, Frankie Follis AKA Playtime, has “cleaned up” her hometown, found true love, and got her daughter back. Frankie & Scalpel have become Redport’s new power couple, but with great power, comes new enemies. Enemies that just might find themselves at the end of Frankie’s super sweet Lego gun. While everyone has many roles to play in life, some are darker than others, and Frankie just may be on her way to earning the nickname, “Godmother.” However, this is a superhero world where our main character makes weapons out of toys, so instead of fighting cartels, Frankie finds herself up against the hilariously costumed, Holiday Squad. All the while she holds a big secret that could be her undoing to everything she has earned. A secret that a group of Gen Z superhero kids, may have just begun to expose.

Minor Threats, The Fastest Way Down. All images by Dark Horse Comics.
Minor Threats, The Fastest Way Down. All images by Dark Horse Comics.

The Art

This comic has some of the most detailed and amazing art I have ever seen. Not an inch of space is wasted. Throughout the world of Minor Threats, we’re introduced to some very new and unique powers, and they’re all drawn beautifully. As this world grows, we’re also seeing more connections, and nods to past and future stories (Easter Eggs). However, there really isn’t anything I can say that can describe how amazing this art is, that the pictures in this article don’t already convey. Minor Threats has all the comic book eye candy you could ever want!

Minor Threats, The Fastest Way Down #1 Rating: 9.75/10

This comic has combined two things I absolutely love: fantastic mob stories, and unique spins on superhero stories. It’s Sopranos meets The Boys (but much less gory). If you’re suffering from what many are now calling “Superhero Fatigue” this is the comic to cure you. It’s a superhero story that isn’t about superheroes. It’s about the villains they loathe, and not even the top tier villains. Minor Threats, The Fastest Way Down #1 is about overcoming childhood trauma, and trying to make the most out of what you were given at the same time. Much like life, it’s dark, beautiful, and will make you laugh. I can’t recommend adding this to your pull list enough. This world seems to be just getting started, and it’s a world you’re going to want to watch grow.

Minor Threats, The Fastest Way Down. All images by Dark Horse Comics

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